The Psychic Mafia

Cover of "The Psychic Mafia"

Cover of The Psychic Mafia


I did not write this nor was it dictated to me.  I found it via a link from another site and, after reading the foreword by ‘The Anonymous Typist’ felt compelled to reproduce it here as per the wishes expressed on the first page.

This is a pretty short book, but it has many explosive revelations in it.  It was first published in the 70’s and so some of it will seem fairly out of date.  I will say that all I have done is reproduced the text and tidied up some of the formatting.  Otherwise it is exactly as I found it.

So why am I putting it here?  Because the psychic (and other woo) industry has grown and grown and yet the tricks used haven’t changed.  People are still being tricked out of their money and homes.  So this is by way of a public service.

As far as I am aware, this does not break any copyrights.  However, if you are the copyright holder and would like this taken down, please contact me through the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page and I will remove it.


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