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Final Update on All The Other Updates

Sadly, this will be my last Blogger post. This forum is no more. It is an ex-……., let’s not go there, eh.

I have now moved to and will be shifting these posts over there at some point soon. The look and software may or may not stay as they look now. Who knows? Don’t ask me because I expect to be as surprised as you are.

So…. thanks Blogger and thanks other bloggers.

Moving – Another Update

Well, the domain is now registered and now exists! Thanks to Drew‘s extremely kind offer, I will no longer be hosted by Brinkster, but on Drew’s server.

Just a few words on Brinkster, if you’ll indulge me. In the course of a couple of days I registered a domain, bought a hosting package, upgraded the hosting package and then cancelled the hosting package. And throughout the whole thing, they were friendly and very helpful. So I will be recommending them to anyone who asks. Their live support is excellent and, with the exchange rate between US Dollars and GB Pounds, they are incredibly cheap. Advert over.

So, we are getting ever closer to the new site!

A Few Words on Word Verification

Out of boredom and curiosity, I decided to browse the blogs made by everyone who declared themselves as coming from Dartford. As expected, there was a fair mix of people and interests and reasons for blogging.

It also seems that, of all the people from Dartford, I am the only one who seems to have turned on any sort of protection against spammers. Just about all of the others have posts which link to dating sites and other crap on the web.

To anyone who has a blog, I say this: protect yourself against this. If your blog is supposed to be to allow your family and friends to catch up on your news, or to present your opinions to the world, these idiots who do this are making your blog look unprofessional or just plain nasty.

Turn on the word verification thing. It’s a bit of a pain for genuine responders and commenters, but it’s more of a pain for you to have to continually go back and remove the spam. It happened to me once before I turned it on and it’s never happened to me since.

Moving – An Update

I’m still waiting on as it’s going to take a further 48 hours for the domain to be registered and available. Apologies for getting your hopes up, Ray-watchers, once it’s ready to go I’ll post up here.

This Blog Will Be Moving House

Based on comments by Hari and Titanium_Geek and Drew (as a comment on one of my posts), I will be moving this blog. I just bought via Brinkster and will be installing WordPress (thanks for the recommendation Hari).

It should be available within 12 hours (which would make it about 0430 Sunday morning – so we’ll see what happens) at which point I plan to install WordPress and then migrate all my ramblings over there.

Thanks to Blogger for looking after me while I rambled inanely, but it’s time to spread my wings 🙂

Sony Rootkits, IP Violations by Sony?

I haven’t covered the Sony rootkit issues, mainly because I was too tired to post when it all broke. And also because I don’t use Windows. However, while reading Groklaw today, something made me want to post. And it’s a wonderful story.

It seems that the Sony Rootkit may infringe on other people’s code. Ironic, no? Software installed on your computer by Sony to stop you stealing their music contains code which is licensed under the LGPL and does not comply with that same license.

For more information, go here.

In a way, I am not surprised. Not even a little bit. The GPL and the LGPL and the other licenses created around F/OSS are not really understood by the very people who should understand it. Companies who have teams of lawyers on their books, and the money to find people who understand licenses inside and out, have absolutely no excuse not to comply with the license.

The fact is that F/OSS code still has this image of the lone hacker tapping away at their keyboard in their parent’s basement. While I will accept that this is partly true, that is only a small portion of what we’re all about. Once that code has been put out their, legions of programmers pull it apart and put it back together again – changing, improving and adjusting the code. By using the code, you are not just using one person’s efforts, you are using the combined efforts of numerous people.

And they will notice if you use it wrongly. And they will not be silent.

A large corporation misusing F/OSS code could well be one more chink in the IP armour of big companies. If Microsoft isn’t immune, why should Sony be?