Moving Into A New Home

All boxes are unpacked and the sofa has now been moved six or seven times. I have also recategorised all my books and put a picture frame over the unsightly hole in the wall. I have now moved from over to here at – time to put my feet up, I think.

Obviously, I couldn’t bring over all my old stuff and so I had to leave it behind, but the new home is comfortable enough and I’ll probably stick around for a while longer….

More details can be found at the old home for this site, but hopefully my usual visitors will find me here. Or I’ll have some new ones, who knows?

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  1. Updated my feed reader here. Looks nice.

    I say, I hope you’ll manage to host the blog in your own domain again. Much prefer unique URLs to or addresses.

  2. Ideally, I would have liked to have stayed, but it’s hassle for Drew for little return.

  3. Ray, if you want a good host, I can recommend Superb uptime and quite cheap if you’ve got little traffic. And it’s pay for what you use in terms of resources – no fixed charges.

  4. Thanks Hari – to be honest, for the amount of effort I actually put into the blog, self-hosting just has too many overheads. This is fine for my needs and the lack of options for plugins means I spend less time fiddling with it. My next fun project is to find everywhere I signed up under my old address and change it my new gmail account….

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