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New Pair of Pants

Fluid dynamic # 3

Image by mr.beaver via Flickr

Hi Funsters!

The ever marvellous SriniG, author of my normal blog wear Fluid Blue, has created this theme – it’s called F2 and is built off the Fluid Blue base.

I’m giving it a go: trying it on, looking in the mirror and pulling at the seams.  Already, I prefer how it handles the blockquotes.  If anything seems broken or looks odd because of this change, please let me know.

It may well get changes made to it as I get more comfortable – accessorised, if you will.

Thanks to SriniG

As well, because it’s that kind of day, I have installed the WordPress Mobile Pack.  See it here also.  This add on, created by James G Pearce, Andrea Trasatti and Terence Eden, shows a different theme to people browsing via their phones.  There are also special themes for Nokia users.  Hopefully all these changes will allow you to view the marvelous better.

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