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The Bible – Surrogate Motherhood

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I’m stepping away from the normal Bible posts for a minute or two. In a comment (which I fished out of my spam queue – either Akismet was being over-zealous or this is a proper spam comment which actually made sense!), Ikedi made the following comment:

I dont think you are doing the bible justice here at all, that Son Hagar had was called Ishmael. Sarah was barren, and Abraham didn’t pimp anybody. Sarah asked Abraham to sleep with the maid servant Hagar so she could have a child on behalf of Abraham and Sarah.

Today I believe what Sarah wanted Hagar to be is a surrogate mother….

In my response to Him (her?) I pointed out that the vast majority of this site is written facetiously, but what has actually happened is a blogger’s dream: someone asked a very pertinent question that prompted me to find out more! After all this time, I’m nearly a proper blogger!! Anyway, enough of that. I did a little digging and found some stuff out…

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