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On My PC There Are Many Viruses

Have a look at the screenshot below these words.

My PC is all infected with those nasty viruses.  I had no idea that my browsing was so unsafe and that I was such a poor computer user.  Oh, that’s right, I run Linux and I don’t have a C:/ or D:/ drive or any viruses.  As a Linux user, I don’t even have to worry about adware removal.   This is a genuine public service announcement: after Christmas, lots of you will be returning your PCs and laptops to the store because they run slowly or not at all.  A number of you will have had these problems after clicking one of those free virus scan ads.  They are a scam and will put viruses onto your hard drive.  So, a plea: for the sanity of the poor techs and salesmen who gave you a perfectly good machine either browse sensibly or install Linux (even better, do both) and you’ll never have to worry about this sort of nonsense again.

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