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The Finest Blog Post Ever. In The World.

The Gutenberg Bible on display at the Library ...

This post is the finest, most innovative and most artistic blog post you will ever see. I have filled it with marvelous intricacies and words I have personally laid out in a manner you will never again be able to find.

Future generations will come upon these words and will be flabbergasted at the fabulous ideas found within. You will find yourself quoting from it and wowing your friends and family at parties and other gatherings. I fully expect politicians to reference it in Parliament and for religions to find new life in the thoughts contained within.

The British Library and The Library of Congress will rush to save it and will insist that it be transmitted to alien worlds to show them what we of Earth can create. Future prophets will descend from mountains on high with these words chiseled into stone tablets and will proclaim them to the masses.

And you, the internet, can read them here first. Good for you.

In other news, as a result of SOPA as my personal protest I did not blog yesterday. It also appears that I have protested New Year, Boxing Day, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. I also angrily protested the whole month of November and December by not blogging. October needed action too. I am such an angry and cross person.

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A Few Random Jottings

None of these things is worth a full post on it’s own. So here are some random thoughts:

  • Recycling – until the council forced us to seperate our rubbish out I had thought that a collection every two weeks wasn’t enough. Now I realise that 75% of our rubbish is paper/cardboard so two weeks seems about right.
  • Do we trust computers too much? I rarely check my receipts because I trust the counting and arithmetic skills of the cash till. Would anyone notice if the supermarket added in one more item? And how much would that get them in profit if they did it to everyone?
  • Why is it that with hundreds of channels to choose from, I find that I watch less and less TV? And why is so much of it absolute crap reality TV? (rhetorical)
  • Why can’t trains in this country be adequately cooled in hot weather? Going from a pleasant summer breeze to a sauna in a suit is unpleasant.
  • Why do people walk so bloody slowly and randomly when i want to get from A to B?
  • What goes up a chimney down, but can’t go down a chimney up?