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Proper Snow At Last

Finally, after years of waiting, we have had proper snow here! It’s several centimetres deep and makes excellent snowballs. Now, you Canadians and people similarly used to snow may scoff, but a cold and nasty sleet is the best we usually do here in the South East UK. So yah boo sucks to you!

On the downside, I work from home a lot, so I can’t take the day off even if public transport is brought to a grinding halt. So it’s not all good news….

On the other hand, my dog absolutely loves it – he’s never seen proper snow before, which is a pretty poor state to be in for a husky!

How Did You Get Here?

This may seem to be a little nosy, but I have been looking at the various visitors and posters that come here and while I can probably guess in some cases, I am genuinely curious as to how my visitors come here.

Now, my reason for being here is obvious – it’s my site.  Some people I know through other sites, but I also have regular visitors and commenters that I don’t know and can’t work out what brought them here.  I’m happy that you are all here, of course, but how did you get here?

So, please post a comment to let me know your route.  Did you search for Lesbians and find that this was not the site you were looking for?  (and that is still the number one search term that brings people here.  That and donkey sex.)  Were you idly browsing and found this place?  Did your computer crash and this was the only place your browser would open?

There is nothing riding on this, I am simply curious.

A Few Random Jottings

None of these things is worth a full post on it’s own. So here are some random thoughts:

  • Recycling – until the council forced us to seperate our rubbish out I had thought that a collection every two weeks wasn’t enough. Now I realise that 75% of our rubbish is paper/cardboard so two weeks seems about right.
  • Do we trust computers too much? I rarely check my receipts because I trust the counting and arithmetic skills of the cash till. Would anyone notice if the supermarket added in one more item? And how much would that get them in profit if they did it to everyone?
  • Why is it that with hundreds of channels to choose from, I find that I watch less and less TV? And why is so much of it absolute crap reality TV? (rhetorical)
  • Why can’t trains in this country be adequately cooled in hot weather? Going from a pleasant summer breeze to a sauna in a suit is unpleasant.
  • Why do people walk so bloody slowly and randomly when i want to get from A to B?
  • What goes up a chimney down, but can’t go down a chimney up?

No Reason At All

There is absolutely no reason for this particular entry. No reason at all.

If this makes less sense than usual, unblock in your adblocker or flashblocker.

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This Blog is Rated 'PG'

While browsing through my WordPress dashboard and looking at the incoming links section I noticed that RT Cunningham (of Untwisted Vortex fame) had a blog rating on his site. It made me smile, so I got one too.

I have the word “porn” twice, apparently. And 2 posts turn up if you use the search item at the top of the page. Click my rating to see what yours is.

Free Porn for $10

I feel a wee bit guilty. I haven’t updated this site in ages, leading Mr and Mrs Norris Webster of Cleethorpes to believe that the site is now obsolete. It’s not – it’s just that I have had nothing to say and a long time to say it. Additionally, I had a 2 week holiday in August and I now have a brand new drug habit – Judge Judy on Youtube. With all that, and general life-iness, my posting habit has been cured. Not a good thing for this place.

The holiday was absolutely fantastic. The weather held all the way through – it rained for the first time as we were heading to Orlando International Airport to come home. The temperature was between 95° and 105° Fahrenheit (about 35° – 40° Celsius) and the heat was, surprisingly, pretty comfortable out there. We hit the Disney parks, of course, and spent an awful lot of time by the pool. I returned refreshed and tanned. And then got back to work. No photos right now, unfortunately, the PC they are stored on is cream-crackered and won’t actually POST – the power unit seems fine (it works, at least) but the PC won’t work. Once we get the data from the hard drive I’ll get some pics up.

What else has been happening? Not a lot really. I have come to the conclusion that the internet is very much like television – loads of choice but not much to actually look at. I still go to the sites I used to, but I’m less likely to actually browse beyond them. I suppose, as a sort of content creator myself I’m to blame, but I’m sharing that blame with teh rest of teh world – I may go down but I’m taking all you slaaags wiv me!

So anyway, I’m back, posting and rambling away. But no free porn here, not even for $10.