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Stuff What People Look For

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Can you believe that people come to this site by searching for something specific? No, neither can I. But they do. And lots of the time they are searching for something realistic. Other times they search for … something that I don’t have.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s have a look at my search list to find out how people come to find my site. List is after the jump (which comes after number 17) and will be in reverse order to prolong the agony.

20. lesbian comics – is this graphic novels about lesbians or lesbian comedians?

19. slackware vs. – fairy nuff. distro v distro is common on the internet

18. cartoon lesbians – this answers the question at number 20 I guess

17. give a shitometer – there is a picture on this site called that. I wonder what my ranking is to get someone to come here for it though? Read the rest of this entry

I Know How You Got Here!

Inspired by Stevo‘s post on Wonderful Search Terms and hoping to jump on the internet meme bandwagon, here are the top 20 searches for this site.

Firstly, I know what the number one search term for this site is and I know it without checking.  I find it fantastic that particular search term brings so many people in and I think I am about to up it’s searchability!

So, without further ado, here is the list of the top 20 according to Woopra (searching via Google – text and image search), with comments:

  • lesbians – yep, the top slot again!
  • Lesbians – and also the number 2 slot
  • kubuntu 8.04
  • kmymoney windows
  • slackware fonts
  • humour
  • slackware review
  • freecom network drive linux
  • kmymoney for windows
  • blog voyeur – can’t recall if this was an actual post or just wishful thinking
  • spam karma wordpress 2.6
  • lesbians having sex – gotcha again!
  • customer service words
  • forer effect
  • LESBIANS – big lesbians? or just shouting lesbians?
  • lesbianism – no comment
  • freecom 29013
  • slackware reviews
  • voyeur blog – I do hope that this isn’t a real type of blog.  But then again, Rule 34….
  • wordpress logo

And, for balance and sanity, the top 20 keyword searches:

  • lesbians – dagnabbit
  • slackware
  • kubuntu
  • wordpress
  • linux
  • freecom
  • network
  • kmymoney
  • drive
  • 8.04
  • debian
  • amarok
  • for – who the hell searches for this and thinks it will be useful?
  • windows
  • the – and again
  • install
  • blood
  • how – and again
  • 2.6.2
  • with – good grief

So, time to crack out my honeypot tags again.  In case you’re interested, “sex with donkeys” was also a search term, but it was too low on the chart to be listed.  I would imagine the searcher was really disappointed when he (and you know it was a he) go here.

So, what are your top search terms?