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And On The Third Day

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It wasn’t until the third day of the attack that we realised we were even under attack. For the first two days we all saw the Perseid meteor shower through our telescopes and marveled at the beauty of the light show. And then they landed. They were huge, tentacled creatures with mandibles: razor sharp and fearsome. We fled our homes and our roots, becoming nomads in our bid to survive. Revelations did not prepare us for this.
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Short Thoughts on Easter Monday

  • I am not smarter than a 10 year old.  On the other hand, I can quite easily beat one in a fight and I can get served in pubs.  So who wins now, eh?
  • Google may be far more evil than Microsoft and Apple put together.  But they have convinced us otherwise.  Which doubles their evil.
  • Our politicians do, indeed, think we are stupid.  Unfortunately we prove them right every election day.
  • My tolerance for noise seems to decrease every year.  By the time I am 60 I won’t be happy unless I am living in one of those sensory deprivation things.
  • In just under 5 weeks I am getting married.  And then am having 4 weeks off work to recove.. I mean enjoy my honeymoon.
    • The spammers are going to love the fact that I am off – comments may get disabled for that period….
  • I have so many ideas for great novels.  if only I had the time, skill, knowledge and patience to do something about it.
  • Britain needs more public holidays.  Or at least, better spaced out holidays.
  • Every year is the year of the apocalypse.  Why can’t they get it right?  Who do I complain to and can I get a refund?
  • I have too many scruples.  This means I can’t get rich by fleecing the public.  I need a scruplectomy.
  • The traditional British spring weather is rainy.  Unfortunately, so is the traditional British summer, autumn and winter weather.

I hope these thoughts give you as much pleasure as they do me.