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Can you believe that people come to this site by searching for something specific? No, neither can I. But they do. And lots of the time they are searching for something realistic. Other times they search for … something that I don’t have.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s have a look at my search list to find out how people come to find my site. List is after the jump (which comes after number 17) and will be in reverse order to prolong the agony.

20. lesbian comics – is this graphic novels about lesbians or lesbian comedians?

19. slackware vs. – fairy nuff. distro v distro is common on the internet

18. cartoon lesbians – this answers the question at number 20 I guess

17. give a shitometer – there is a picture on this site called that. I wonder what my ranking is to get someone to come here for it though?

16. – they searched for the site address to get to the site address… Someone who doesn’t understand search engines?

15. comment+site: – see above

14. the full facts book of cold reading – excellent book and people should read it

13. slackware fonts – an excellent post by me about an excellent article

12. arguing over the internet – a ranty post I wrote

11. arguing on internet is like – see above

10. pictures that make you laugh – again, see above

09. arguing internet – someone really really wanted to know about internet arguing

08. install KMyMoney 0.8.8 – yeah, the install docs on the KMyMoney site are better than mine

07. lesbians having sex – I did write, an awfully long time ago, a post with a cartoon named lesbians. But not about them having sex.

06. hot reading – all part of the service (about fake psychics, that is)

05. slackware review – not convinced I ever reviewed the utterly awesome Slackware Linux distro.

04. internet arguing – maybe I’m the oracle of internet arguing?

03. lesbians – or maybe I am sort sort of lesbian guru?

02. arguing on the internet is like – this is number 11 with the word “the” added

01. arguing on the internet  – 6 out of 20 searches are on this. This was searched for a full 1476 times.

So, a pretty dull list and it just means that I need to write more posts with words that may or may not refer to adult entertainment and other slightly porny subjects. Go read the Similar Posts list below, it may inspire someone to do something.

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  1. It’s always good to know how your visitors got to your site. I use Webmaster tools myself.

    My top search term is “modern art” because of a Boxi and Panjo comic I created a long time back.

    Another popular search term is “mahatma gandhi” which points to my (very bad, mouse drawn) caricature of M.K. Gandhi, done even longer back and of which I am heartily ashamed from an artistic point of view.

    Looks like we cannot escape our past sins. 🙂

  2. give a shitometer, sounds like the prefect Christmas present!

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