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It occurs to me that I haven’t done a navel gazing post in ages. Which means we are long overdue one and, because it’s both my site and my rules, you have to sit through another one. Lucky you.

So, how people got here. Filthy minded people are still my primary resource. Welcome perverts and teen boys. Yes, Lesbians is still the number one reason to come here. Despite there being no lesbians on this site (as far as I know – if I am wrong, welcome Lesbians!)

Incidentally, if you did arrive here looking for helpful advice on working out your sexuality, I’m sure you’ve realised by now that this site is not that sort of site. I would advise you to look up your nearest LGBT organisation (I’d suggest trying “LGBT <your town>” or “LGBT <your country>” via your favourite search engine). There is no reason to make that decision on your own and a good local organisation can help you deal with the issues and help you come through it with minimal issues. There is no rush to come out immediately and they will help to do so in the right time and at the right pace. They can also put you in touch with people who can tell you what happened to them when they did it and help you make an informed decision.

Public service ad over! The top 18 search terms are:

3 lesbians 15 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
4 slackware fonts 13 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
5 giveafuckometer download 9 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
6 furry fandom 8 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
7 arguing on the internet 7 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
8 wordpress v3 7 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
9 +commentluv+ 6 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
10 short back and sides 6 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
11 slackware review 6 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
12 how to install KMyMoney 5 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
13 WORDPRESS RC3 5 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
14 television 4 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
15 the newsgrind 4 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
16 write a book with wordpress 4 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
17 bible+ sex + only procreation 3 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
18 psychic mafia 3 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
19 publish a book in wordpress 3 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
20 short back and sides 2010 3 Google | Yahoo! | Bing

As we can see, my picture posts are always popular, but it seems that my actual posts with content are also somewhat popular too. So that’s awesome. If you’re wondering why the list starts at “2”, it’s because the top two searches are:

1 comment+site: 32 Google | Yahoo! | Bing
2 20 Google | Yahoo! | Bing

And I have no idea what they are there for. Search terms are always weird, why would “short back and sides” be searched for? It’s a haircut and I have no haircut related posts here. And it’s on there twice – which has me scratching my head.

So, now that we have the random perverts and lunatics dealt with, on to the plugins I use. Told you it would be a navel gazing exercise. The plugins in use here are:

  1. Akismet – for my anti-spam needs. It comes built into and just works in the background. For the sake of openness, I am aware that some people don’t like Akismet, but it’s never hurt me.
  2. Bad Behavior – to back up Akismet.
  3. CommentLuv – because it’s an awesome way of providing linkbacks without becoming a spam farm.
  4. Comment Reply Notification – so you can get an email when a reply to your comment comes in
  5. Comment Timeout – another anti-spam measure. This one automatically closes comments on your older posts. Old posts are a target for spammers.
  6. Copyright Proof – a tool via DigiProve to put a little info box under your posts (see it in action at the bottom of this post) and emails you so you have extra proof when you posted in case you need to prove plagiarism (or the lack of it).
  7. EmailShroud – turns email addresses into garbage when your site gets scraped. And it will get scraped.
  8. Google XML Sitemaps – this helps Google index your site and this helps with page ranking and with being searchable.
  9. In Series – allows you to organise posts into groups or series. In action with the Bible posts and the Sapphire and Steel posts.
  10. Recent Comment Avatars – puts an avatar against the recent comments in the left hand sidebar. Just so it looks nice.
  11. Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form – can be seen in action when you click “Contact Me” at the top of the page
  12. Similar Posts – displays a list of similar posts at the bottom of every post here.
  13. Subscribe2 – allows you to subscribe to the site and be emailed whenever I post
  14. TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter – to backup Akismet and Bad Behavior
  15. TweetMeme Retweet Button – pretty self explanatory
  16. WordPress Gravatars – shows your avatar next to your comments
  17. WordPress Mobile Pack – this allows the site to show a different look when you view it on a mobile phone. You can see it in action by clicking the link in my footer
  18. WP-Referrers & WP-Stats – 2 stats plugins so I can see what you’re up to
  19. WP to Twitter – allows me to send a notification to my Twitter followers whenever I post or update
  20. Zemanta – well, I’ve written about this recently, so ’nuff said.

Looking at the list, it may seem fairly long but I have added to and taken away from this list over the years and I find them all helpful to one extent or another. They are all available via your plugins dashboard (which is why I haven’t posted links to the plugins) and all work with WordPress 3.0

So there you are. A big long post about not very much at all.

Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010

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  1. This is a great post. I am not sure if I am confused about my sexuality or I need to use a few of your word press plug ins on my blog. Keep posting!

  2. You are in the rankings and there are no lesbians on here? Now that is some strong SEO work! 🙂

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