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Hey gang. This post will show how much I love (or even luv (this will become apparent later)) you all. WordPress version 3.0 – codename Thelonius – is released and available. Blog owners should go now to their dashboard and, if the upgrade isn’t flagged up, click the relevant button to upgrade in seconds.

So, have you noticed anything different with the blog itself? No, me either. Everything went absolutely swimmingly – all plugins were fine and working and the theme is absolutely solid. So, for me, this was absolutely and utterly painless. Hopefully your own upgrade will be too.

I did make two smallish changes. Firstly I have turned off IntenseDebate. The only reason I had it, really, was for threaded commenting and WordPress does this natively these days so we don’t miss out by not having it. One thing I did forget is that Gravatars are a bit messed up with native commenting, so I’ll be looking at a fix for that… all fixed now, so no problem!

Now I have switched to the native commenting, I have re-enabled CommentLuv, a plugin I have used for ages and will always recommend to bloggers. Now that is native, I have more control over it. Comluv has been tested prior to WordPress 3.0 being released and it works like a charm. (This bit should hopefully explain the “luv” comment at the start of the post).

So that’s that. Hopefully you are seeing the blog in all it’s glory and with no issues. Please let me know if anything is broken, not working or doing something odd.

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  1. Yay, no more Intense Debate, man I disliked that plugin, and yet I still took the time to comment πŸ˜‰

    I’ve updated a couple of my blogs, I’ll do the rest as I get time, and like you I had no problems whatsoever. You got to love these guys they way they keep everything running smoothly.

    • I disliked it too – I don’t like having to sign up to anything to comment (and have avoided commenting on many blogs that do) so I felt guilty making everyone use it. Of course, just as I am moving away from it, I see that you can sign in with Twitter, Facebook and so on. Typical.

      Since you have many sites, have you looked at the multi-site option on WP3.0? Might take some of the pain away…

      • It’s possible Ray, but then wouldn’t you be losing out on the benefits from having individual domains?

        BTW, you need a reply to comments plugin so I know when you replied to one of my comments.

        • AFAIK, Multisite allows you to have individual domains – though it’s not something I have looked at in any detail.

          And you ask, I answer!! Below the CommentLuv button is a new checkbox – titled “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail”. It’s turned on by default because everyone loves receiving emails πŸ™‚

  2. I haven’t upgraded yet. I haven’t yet dug through the forums for Thesis (my theme) to see what’s working and what isn’t with 3.0.

    Haven’t yet decided if it’s worth the hastle, frankly.

    • The upgrade took me around about one minute – I pressed the button and it was all done. If your theme creator hasn’t upgraded the theme to make it compatible – bearing in mind that WP3.0 has been available in various formats for quite a while – then maybe you should try a different theme.

      You’re missing out on both added features and security updates.

    • I have to agree. The hassle of reinstalling the entire site because some hacker pwned it is way more than upgrading any day. Any day.

  3. So far so good on 3.0 for me. I do think that having a theme that is kept up-to-speed is important and worth every penny (I use Genesis). I did discover that freaky things can happen if you don’t disable all the plugins before upgrading. I had widget areas disappear. It was easily solved by disabling plug-ins, going to widgets to see if the areas reappeared..which they did, and then reactivating the plugins. Thank goodness my heart attack was short lived. πŸ™‚

    I love CommentLuv and have it on all my sites. I almost never comment if I have to log into something.

    • Hi Melinda

      Yes, I didn’t like having Intense Debate enabled for so long, to be honest. I felt bad that everyone had to log in to comment – now that’s gone, hopefully I’ll get more comments πŸ™‚ I only needed it for the threaded comments and now it’s done natively.

      Luckily my upgrade went smoothly – I have a few plugins and they all have a function (hmm, I may do a plugin post soon) and I my theme doesn’t get in the way so I had absolutely no problems at all.

  4. Wow, wonderful, wordpress is the best blog program.

  5. One of my sites breaks every time I try to auto update so I have to do it through my FTP and it takes ages because my hosting is so rubbish. Thankfully though after the long wait for it to load it all works fine and dandy again and some of the changes seem pretty good, so im happy.

    • That just rots. I am lucky that way. My host rocks. Automatic plugin updates take seconds. My old host was like yours, though.

    • That’s a bit of a bugger. Do you not have command line access so you can download the files to the server directly and then do any updating? My host, like Mr Corey’s, rocks and updating is a piece of cake.

      As well, glad to hear your update went well in the end.

  6. I’ve also updated it in my wordpress blog. The gravatars look very amusing, especially if you have many comments for you posts.

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