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This is only really of interest to Linux users and especially to KDE users. Gnome and non-Linux users can switch off now. Rekonq is a webkit based browser that users of Google Chrome will find somewhat familiar.

This is of special interest to me as it seems that the next version of Kubuntu (codename Maverick Meerkat), the distro I use, will have Rekonq as the default browser. Rekonq will entirely replace Konqueror as the inbuilt browser (Firefox is currently not pre-installed, you have to run an installer to get it) and as Dolphin is the default file browser this must mean that Konqueror will not be installed at all in Kubuntu 10.10 – though I would guess that die-hard fans can still install it via aptitude. Rekonq is also planned to be HTML5 ready, which means that you will be able to play any videos in that format out of the box.

But what does Rekonq look like? As you will see from the picture below, it looks very like Chrome (fair enough as they are both lightweight webkit browsers). The default homepage is your favourites list, though like any browser you can change that to be whatever you want it to be. There is also a little widget to switch between Favourites (favourite/most used pages), a list of Closed Tabs, your History or your Bookmarks.

Rekonq Main Page

The main page of the Rekonq browser

As with Chrome, Rekonq has a privacy mode. In fact, users of Chrome will find no surprises here. The big strength of the browser is that it is integrated within KDE and so you won’t need to do anything to make it take on the look and feel of your KDE desktop.

At the moment it is in development so is very bare-bones – there are no plugins or extensions available. If it becomes accepted I can see the range of add-ons growing pretty rapidly.

You can read more here or download it yourself and have a play with it. If you are worried about Google gaining too much of a market share, you can install it and take away one of the apps they control!

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