The Psychic Mafia

Cover of "The Psychic Mafia"

Cover of The Psychic Mafia

I am indebted to the Bad Psychics forums for pointing me at an online copy of the book “The Psychic Mafia“.  This book exposes the tricks of psychics and how they are used to con the unwitting.  I have reproduced the book on this site – you can start reading it by looking at the top of the page and the link sits between the “Privacy Policy” and “Subscribe”.

I disabled commenting on the pages so that you can read them as they were presented to me.  This thread has been created to allow readers to discuss the book.

The book verified much of what I knew already, not just about Camp Chesterfield but about the psychics themselves, but I hope that another reader who is thinking of giving money to these charlatans will read it and think twice.  Most of the words in the book are by Lamar Keene – a man active in the field.

I am not The Anonymous Typist, nor do I know who he is or was.  But I hope he will accept my sincerest thanks and best wishes for making this available.

I hope you find it at least interesting, but hopefully informative as well.

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  1. I've never believed in psychics Ray, but I know a lot of people do. I think some of them do so but for the life of me I can't work out why.
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  2. I am sure this book is an excellent read. I always get a kick out of the psychic on Montell, she always gives such generic answers. When people have health problems that doctors have checked for everything and still cannot explain she says it is a indocrine problem. Of course it is, that is the last place docs look.

    • Sylvia Browne has a new book out in which she exposes the tricks that the frauds use and explains how you can become psychic.:S Sounds like she's trying to nobble the opposition to me.
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  3. It's an interesting subject to tackle for a book for sure. I think you will have a lot of skeptics just because of the subject.

    • Indeed. These sorts of books, from insiders who know exactly what goes on, are essential to promote rational thinking.

  4. Wow, I never thought that there would actually be an entire mafia behind all the astrology / psychic business! I've always known there were frauds (they're so obvious), but to actually manipulate and control people…

    Thanks for posting the book on your website. Reading it now.

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