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It appears that it’s somewhat traditional to start a new year by reading the Bible. At least it is according to Reading and Critically Reviewing the Bible in 365 Days.  Now, I appreciate that I am somewhat behind (it being 15 January and all), but that will not stop me!  I plan to read through the King James Version as this is the Bible as used by me since I was a small child.  I am familiar with it and all the thees and thous made it incomprehensible at an early age.

Because I could only find a Good News Bible around the house, I shall be using an online version of the KJV.  Feel free to read along if you wish – I will post URLs for each bits.  My plan is not to read any commentaries, but to read and comment myself.  Feel free to chip in if you disagree.  I will not be trying to break this into evenly spaced chunks either – if I end up reading Exodus in one sitting, you’d just better keep up!  But it is fair to say that there are large parts of the Old Testament that are shopping lists of dead people who we don’t come across again.  I shall be following the example set by history and ignoring those people.

Now for the fun part!  I have read the Bible all the way through in the past and I can confidently say that it’s not designed for doing that, so hopefully this will make it easier for you to skip to the good bits (and yes, I am looking at Lot when I say that).  I have also read around some of the tales and have read some sites that come at it with mockery in mind.  Some bits do need to be mocked and some bits need to be read thoughtfully; but if you are shocked and offended by someone who doesn’t read this entirely reverently, please don’t follow along.  There will be other stuff on this site as well.

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  1. I coincidentally read through the King James Version of the bible myself last year. I find it to be a more comfortable read than other bibles I've sifted through.

  2. I've been meaning to read the Mormon bible myself so I can try and understand those kooky bastards and why they think they're better than everyone else. That's the religion to follow though, you get to wear magical underwear, get your own planet when you die and you can drive around in a kick ass White Ford Ecoline that seats 16 people, two up front for you and your wife, 14 for all your kids unless of course you have more than one wife. 😉

    • Definitely. The Mormon religion rocks – they get timely interventions from angels just before they are up for lawsuits on civil rights. Also, a guy who translated the tablets from God different ways each time, even though they were the same and more importantly, got away with it is my kind of religious leader. Maybe that will be a project for afterwards, or you could take it up Drew?

  3. But this is a new Version, it has been modified or its the same version of catholics that is published to internet?
    Never knew this site, the KJV, so I'm going to take a look!

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    • The KJV is the Bible that I was always pointed at and is, as far as I am concerned, the only Bible in the world. Because God dictated it in his own language – English! :p

  4. I also would love to baptise people after they are already dead in hopes of saving their soul, you know, even without their consent. It's all for the good of the people because Mormons do no wrong. I work with a hardcore mormon, he started preaching to me one day after he found out I'm an atheist, talking about evidence, how Mormonism is correct because it's relatively young and hasn't been corrupt like the others, etc. You should have seen his expression when he was talking about the golden tablets and I said, well, if those are proof for your religion, have you seen them? But they're in heaven was his reply. So I repeated, so you haven't seen them yourself so that's faith, not evidence.

    He was also surprised of what I did know about Joseph Smith. That he was a con artist, was arrested/convicted and was known to be a drug abuser. Everyone sees angels when they're tripping on shrooms man! 😉
    He was always out to get rich with gold, probably the reason he came up with the gold tablets because he wasn't very good at being a con artist, except when it came to religion, which sadly is just one big con across the world nowadays to get poor people to hand over their money.
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  5. It's right to start new year with good things and to start new year while reading bible is really very good. i think everyone have to start their new year with bible and other Holy books . Thanks for sharing.

  6. God's blessings on you as you read this year. I love your, "Following the example of history and ignoring" those lists of dead people.

  7. THe bibble is actually pretty fun reading – like the Iliad, for instance.

  8. I've forgotten how often I read the Bible, only that once I've finished it I start again from the beginning. Although I prefer the KJV I read another only because my copy of th KJV is so large and cumbersome.

    I reckon I'll pop in every now and again to see what you have to say about it, but I'm not apt to step in and start an argument over religion. I have my beliefs, others can do as they will.

  9. Wow, I don't think I've actually ever read the entire bible in order. I mean I'm sure I've read every part but I skipped around over a period of years so it's not like just reading it as if it were a book. There definitely are a lot of inconsistencies and "questionable" parts though. -Rob

  10. One huge part of the Bible is the concept of original sin, the idea that all of humanity is forever tainted and fallen due to the actions of Adam and Eve. Being saved from this wretched state is what Jesus is all about. The statements you quote and the logic you use is correct, but those statements are within a context of the Bible. Within the context of the rest of the Bible it is in fact abundantly clear that Jesus is required to save you from original sin.

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