Tim Minchin – Storm

Tim Minchin is well-known in the skeptical world.  An Aussie musician/singer/comedian he applies his knowledge to his music and brings forth some wonderful songs.

In his 9 minute beat poem Storm, he is able to distil a million tiring conversations and can show us all why some people get that throbbing vein in their temple when someone starts to hold forth in a social gathering.  Watch and listen to the poem, please.

This poem is being turned into an animated film and will be available later this year.  Storm the movie looks to be a great short film.  If you’d rather, follow it on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. Hell yeah Storm! Minchin is the best anti-woo comedian ever.

  2. Yup, I'm a big fan as well. Really looking forward to the animated movie. Keep us updated please!

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    IT's great post, i am also his big fan . Thanks for sharing . keep updating..

  4. It was a damn cool experience coming across this post…..Watching the video was a fantastic thing ever one liked it.Eagerly waiting for the release of its animated film coming later this year.
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  5. For real? Does it have an animated movie? When is it coming out possibly? I mean the exact date? Well I'd really be looking forward to it. This is really hilarious!

  6. I'm still sad his Christmas song didn't get more widely played! A movie of this would be pretty awesome
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  7. I like Tim Minchin a lot though I hadn't heard any of his poetry before! Like it. The idea of the animated movie sounds pretty cool.
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  8. very interesting , Minchin is a good poet and commedian
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  9. Very strange! i only saw a black screen when watching this movie.

  10. Skepchick Tracy King is overseeing the creation of an animated version of Tim’s absolutely fantastic song "Storm", about a skeptic at a dinner party who runs into a woman who believes anything as long as it isn’t real.

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