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A few months ago, I finished the series of posts on the TV series of Sapphire & Steel. If you will recall, they ended in 1982 and were sands_003_allfalldown_big_mconsigned to the television history books. It’s worth noting that although it was somewhat different from most other shows of the time, UK television was pushing the boundaries of what had been possible and were really flexing their artistic muscles. There were shows such as “Play for Today” which started any number of now well known writers and actors on their path to stardom.  Was there a real, single, reason for the end of Sapphire and Steel?  Probably not, there were any number of factors involved and any creative endeavour will suffer them.  The ideas were left on the shelf and became largely forgotten.

In 1998, Big Finish Productions was founded.  The company began with the licence to produce audio plays based on the Professor Bernice “Benny” Surprise Summerfield character.  These were popular enough that the company were able to expand their range, moving into Doctor Who plays (being the main output of the company to this day), plays based on the 2000AD comics, the Tomorrow People and others.  They also produce, of course, the Sapphire and Steel audio series starring David Warner (Steel) and Susannah Harker (Sapphire).  They began the series in May 2004 and continued producing them until the end of the third series in 2008.  These audio plays are notable for their high production values and the fact that they have been able to have many of the original actors from the TV shows reprise their roles – particularly in the Doctor Who series.

Big Finish Productions have a number of extremely talented writers, producers, score writers and effects people.  This turns these productions from stilted audio plays into extremely rich, almost visual, affairs.  The writing is extremely vivid and, coupled with the musical score, really pulls you into the story and enables you to properly “see” the story unfold.  The casting is inspired – they could so easily become caricatures (they aren’t all human, after all) and yet we feel for them and suffer alongside them.  The stories are somewhat darker than the television stories, we see some deaths and much suffering and throughout we are always aware of that shadow in the corner…

It would be fair to say that these adventures don’t really follow on from the original series.  Occasional reference is made to them, but these are wholly original and stand alone.  The adventures are loosely sequential in themselves, but you could pick up any one of them at any time and not lose anything because you haven’t heard earlier ones.

We will see some new characters introduced and some existing ones reintroduced.  I hope that I will inspire some of you to buy the CDs from Big Finish – the more interest I can raise, the more you buy and, hopefully, this will mean Big Finish will be able to fund new series.

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  1. I agree, thats some talented writers. I would like to get hold of this

  2. Thanks for an interesting post- I'd never heard of Big Finish, but you definitely peaked my interest- where can I go to buy CDs of theirs?

  3. So i', really grateful for the comment from MrCourney!
    It helped me a lot!=)

  4. I remember Sapphire and Steel actually – loved it!

  5. Star Trek stars John De Lancie (Q) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock) also did an audio continuation of their characters.

    It does bring to mind that there is a market for continuation of quality programming in other formats- audio or novelization. I would like to see something done with West Wing or The Wire.

  6. yes it sounds interesting and i might plan to go for it too..
    Thanks for sharing..
    My recent post tv ariel socket in bedroom in BS15 9RA Kingswood | Start Price £100, 1 quotes (Niedrigstgebot: £100)

  7. I like the cover artwork in the corner. Too bad it was invented before I put it on the cover of my first album.

  8. Thanks a lot ,man,for the really interesting post on that topic!
    A great artwork either!

  9. It does bring to mind that there is a market for continuation of quality programming in other formats- audio or novelization. I would like to see something done with West Wing or The Wire.

  10. Craig is a Muppets Willy

    Your blog sucks a fat one. [Editor’s note: Craig is clearly suffering from “Cockendus Nobbus”. Pity him.]

  11. I've actually met a few people who have backtracked their way to the original series from these releases, so there's certainly a two way street where nostalgic fans can find something new to scratch that old itch, and new fans can discover the groundbreaking originals.

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