How To Avoid Ads in Gmail

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Not much to add to this.  Got the link from the newsletter and it is a piece of genius.  A way to block the contextual ads you see when you read your Gmail in the web browser client, without installing any software or browser plugins.  Warning though: following this advice will prevent much comedy from strangely juxtaposed ads and email.

Go to Joe McKay’s site and read up on it.

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  1. Hahah this is kind of a funny way around it. I think I'll pass, but good find!

  2. Haha, how genius it was. Seems life putting those words on the body and subject line of your message prevents the ads from coming up. Great!

  3. Really nice blog about how to avoid ads in gmail. i dono, does it work or not?

  4. That's amazing. Probably a bit dangerous if you don't like to have your government spying on you in a few months but still amazing :).

  5. Hey that's really an amazing way to avoid ads in gmail. Thanks for the information, it will help me and same way I could suggest this to my friends.

  6. The google email ads are tolerable, generally I just ignore them. But I can't even remember the last time I knowingly read a Google Ad. But they're probably coming in on a subconscious level anyway, especially since I'm one of those readers who takes in blocks of text at a time. Thank you so much for explaining a way to to avoid ads in Gmail.

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