Things That Make You Go “Grrrrr” – Part 2

God, what a flipping week.  The first thing that got my blood boiling was that some scumbags decided that it would be a great idea to break into a locked area and try to steal electrical cables.  Or whatever was stored in the secure area.  So these utter fucking geniuses took their boltcutters and their oxy-acetylene torch and set fire to a bunch of cables that cut the power to a whole area of North Kent (Dartford up to Welling).  Yep, 2 days without power – no shower, hot drinks, hot meals (thankfully we have a gas barbecue) or anything else produced after 1908.  Bastards.

Secondly, my place of work is in the area of London covered by Southwark Council.  Obviously, their tea budget has run out because some genius had the bright idea of sending around the cigarette police.  Yep, if you do anything with your butt apart from put it in a not very conveniently located ashtray/bin or in one of those plastic pouches to go into your pocket, you can get a £50 or £75 fine (that’s $82/$123 or 58/87 euros).  They don’t advise you that wankers are operating in your area, they wait till the fag end hits the ground and then, in a move reminiscent of a mugging, a group of them surround you.  How in the name of Jeebers do they describe their day to their friends?  were these people not allowed to become prefects or hall monitors at school?

Now that’s off my chest, back to your regular programming.

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  1. I am for fines when used as a deterent: ie "don't do this, or you'll get a fine." I am against fines when they turn up: "you dis this." "yes, and?" "we have to give you a hefty fine" "??? did not know was 'illegal!'"

  2. I am for fines when used as a deterent: ie "don't do this, or you'll get a fine." I am against fines when they turn up: "you dis this." "yes, and?" "we have to give you a hefty fine" "??? did not know was 'illegal!'"

    • Exactly. I am all for upholding the law, but not in a such a way as to make it so you don't know you've broken it until you get caught. If they would post signs there would not be an issue.

  3. Well, there's a good reason why "ignorance of law is no excuse" is used as a legal maxim and a legal fiction: because almost everybody would start using ignorance as a defence when caught. Also proving ignorance or non-ignorance can hold up cases for ages because it's after all a state of mind and would require tedious examination and cross-examination. The law assumes, for the most part, that people OUGHT to know the law of the land and that "ought" is a legal one.

    Of course, common sense should prevail in the case of special rules or very obscure procedures where any reasonable person would definitely not be aware of such a rule, but for most cases, this maxim has very good application.

    Also I think that public officials have as much a duty to prevent wrong-doing as they have to punish it. If a public official does not prevent an act which he knows to be wrong and is in a position to prevent it, he becomes a party to that wrong. Next time, use this argument very strongly when confronted by such threatening officials.

    • Generally, I have no issue with that. But if you change an existing rule – it's ok to drop cigarette ends on a public throughfare one day, and not the next – the responsible thing to do is to publicise this change. I'm sure it would cost less to the local council to put up clear signs than it will to fight all the people who will demand that their fine be overturned.

      • You know, come to think of it, I think even with existing rules which are changed, the law has to assume that people ought to be aware of the new rules.

        Of course, common sense is the best solution to these problems as the legal position seems to be that no matter how new the law or no matter how improbable it is that a person would become aware of it within a short time (even seconds after passing the law, the law still assumes that you OUGHT to know of the existing rules the moment they come into existence. Of course, this is a legal fiction that has persisted through the ages and it's pretty hard to change the official mindset. I think that most people who are affected by such laws find it easier to pay up and get away from it rather than go through the legal wrangle of fighting it and then losing the battle anyway. I think that's why I advocate that people should at least be aware of their legal rights so that they will be in a better position to fight cases of injustice brought about by unfair rules or arbitrary decisions.

        The best solution is a citizen's campaign or awareness drive to change this state of affairs. social change is the best medicine.

        • The fun part about this is that although councils put these rules in place, they never really monitor the people who run them. So really it's quite easy to get them overturned, you just have to complain. Unless they have photographic evidence it's their word against yours. And how effective are these rules? You get a huge fine for littering, but we still have people to sweep the roads. Frankly it's a nonsense and a waste of everyone's time.

  4. Jeez, that is quite insane. Those cable-cutting-money-making people are all over the place.

  5. I am surprised it took 2 days to fix! Why so long, is it because it took awhile to find where the wires were burnt through?

    • They had to wait for the fire to go out and then, because there's neither redundancy nor resiliency there, they had to remove the damaged cables and fit the new ones I guess.

  6. Must have been some fire. I would have thought most fires, except for forest fires, were put out relatively quickly. Gee, must have been bad not having access to the Net 😉

  7. That really sucks mate! A real bummer. 😦

  8. What the F! I can't imagine myself without electricity. No internet and no TV.

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  10. That sucks balls bigtime. I am freaking out even a 2-hour brown-out. Damn those cable cutters.

  11. Wooo.. that sucks. But anyway, I really do miss reading your rants! 😛

  12. Reminds me of Florida a few years ago during the hurricane season where we got hit with 4 canes in 3 months. Lots of time without power them, 5-6 days at a time 3-4 times.

  13. We dont deal well without electricity as huamans. So used to it that we have issues without it now.

  14. I agree, the traffic lights go out in the city when it's raining or storming and no one knows how to drive all of a suden!

  15. @Legalize

    I don't seem to get the catch of your post. Since when does human don't need electricity? We all know that we can gain electricity off grid using high tech solar panels and stuff.

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