Do I Want A Netbook?

HP Mini Mi Netbook

HP Mini Mi Netbook

Netbooks are pretty much this year’s thing.  I have seen a few people using them on the train and they look very useful and handy.  Particularly if you want to knock up a spreadsheet or document while you’re on the train.  They run a customised version of Windows XP, Windows Vista or a Linux distro which are designed to give you easy access to your applications without having to go through multi-layered start menus.  In all, they are useful and usable.

So do I want one?  Well, yes.  Mainly because I don’t have one.  In the UK, they are available for around £250 (~ $370 or 280 euros (according to XE)) and are about 1KG in weight.  They are very very portable and are really useful for office apps or web browsing/email.  They fit in a category between a laptop and a PDA.

In the UK, they are available from HP, IBM and from Acer.  They are all lightweight, stylish, handy and useful for the quick jobs you need to do whether on the way to/from work (if you use the train or plane) or before a meeting.  They are also very handy for people who can’t carry a full sized notebook.  They are designed for use outside the office.  And I want one.

So, if any company that makes these things would like to send me on to use and review, feel absolutely free.  I will happily accept it and review it and put it up on this site.  Linux distro for preference please.


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  1. I have a white samsung NC-10 since November and I'm really with it, easy to carry, bright screen, "large" keyboard" and I average 5h+ of battery life in normal condition

  2. I like the desktops better. I don't know why but i guess because it's bigger?

  3. Even though it is handy, stylish, cute… desktops are better choice

  4. Yes you are right about the portability. I bought HP's 540 about a couple of months back and I love the portability it gives me and I can carry it anywhere with me and now traveling won't stop me from working.

  5. I am in the same boat. I want a netbook sooo bad. I'm tired of taking my laptop everywhere. I want something that fits in my purse!

  6. I reckon it would be great for the business person, but if I was going to go that route I reckon I would spend a little more and go for a laptop. Naturally, if someone was going to give me one, I wouldn't knock it back 😉

    • It all depends on how much you need to carry it. When I had staff all over London I had to do a lot of walking while carrying the laptop and my back ached a lot. With a netbook i could have had the functionality I needed and no back ache.

      • It depends how you look at it. Personally I would consider it a bit of healthy exercise. 😉

        • I can think of a lot more fun ways to get healthy exercise and still wind up with a bad back!

          • Gee, what laptop are you carrying around? I reckon I could carry both of my kids laptops around all day without breaking a sweat. May have something to do with moving thousands of kilos of stock around every day.

          • Not so much that it's heavy, but that it gets cumulatively heavy. As a mobile worker, I ended up carrying stacks of paper and other stuff around all day.

  7. You know am kinda confused with all these netbook, mini laptop, umpc. So mini laptop is smaller than the normal notebook, and umpc is much smaller than these two. And netbook? Prolly I should add tablet pc in the list too.

    • Netbooks are designed to take advantage of the Cloud technology. They are very small and lightweight and perfect for the user on the go!

  8. I wonder if you can attach a keyboard to one of those Nokia N8xx series. Then, you could get one of those rollup rubber ones and go really small! 😀

  9. One of the greatest things about Netbooks, the ones I have seen- no Vista. Plus, the tech specs are high as any laptop or desktop of two or three years ago. The price, size, and weight makes me want one two. Seems Acer has cornered the market in the states.

  10. I have this one unit, its lightweight but the battery drains faster. Maybe I just need it a higher capacity and long-life battery cell. I like it because its simple yet really useful for my daily undertakings outside the office and during coffee break with Wifi.

  11. Netbooks are great for people who are always on the go and need to work on documents or surf the net. This isn't the tool however, for graphic intensive applications or those that require heavy memory usage.

  12. It's too expensive for a little toy. I have a laptop for bigger tasks and I can do most of this "small" stuff (email, statistics) on my smartphone. I don't see the need to buy an netbook.

  13. I would say, YES you do want a notebook. They are all the rage and cheap. Very good for people who just need to surf and type emails.

  14. I actually don't know the difference between a laptop and a notebook. Do they only differ in size?

    • Laptops are notebooks, and vice versa. We shouldn’t use “laptop” any more as that name was withdrawn because people were resting them on their laps and getting burnt.

  15. Write your comment heI have been thinking about getting a netbook myself. I like the fact the cost is very low so i would not care as much if i lost it. They seem to work pretty good and are small enough to carry almsot any place you go. I have seen ones with microsoft and linux so i have to figure out wich one i should buy now.

  16. I've been thinking about getting one but then I realize I never leave my house. I have two laptops and a desktop at work, along with my own personal laptop at home I use. As nice as it would be to tote one around in my bag being portable, light, etc, I just don't get on the computer as much as I use to when I'm not at work.

    Although, if someone wants to send me one to review, I'll take one as well! 🙂

    • I mainly want one because I don’t have one 🙂

      • Yeah, like I said, if someone wants to give me one to review, I'll take one as well cause I don't have one. It would be nice to take on vacations though without having to take larger laptop, etc.

        • I'm thinking of buying one to take on the honeymoon so I can download photos to it each day. It would be ideal for that.

        • I broke down and bought me one. I went with the Lenovo Ideapad S10e. So far it's pretty cool and it's got everything I need that a laptop provides. My old laptop was a T23 so just by going with a 1.60GHz Atom processor is a big boost, along with going from 256MB of ram to 1GB of ram. So I'm happy so far since I don't really get online all that often outside of work, a netbook just makes sense to own for me nowadays.

          • Excellent! I haven't yet bought one, I'm trying to find one at the right price. For their size they are very powerful and it makes sense to have one when you are on the road

          • I almost went with an Asus EeePC (Linux) but after reading a bunch of reviews, I didn't want to spend the money on it although it's cheaper and as cool as an Solid State Drive sounds, only having 4GB of space just isn't enough for me. Plus from reviews and tests, it's performance overall was significantly lower from most of the Atom 1.60GHz cpu's most come with. Also after checking them out in person at the local store, they just seem kind of cheapely made, kind of reminds me of a kids toy with the type of plastic they use, etc. I'd rather spend the extra $150 and get something of more quality and would probably last longer, so that's why I went with the Lenovo. 160GB drive space, 1.60GHz Atom, 1GB of RAM, integrated webcam and one of the very few netbooks that has a PCI Express slot which makes it unique from most of the others. had them on sale with free shipping for $329.99 so it wasn't a bad deal. I think the only thing I plan to do is perhaps bump the 1GB RAM to 2GB.

          • I was shocked at how many stores in Florida thought that $699 was a reasonable price for a netbook. To help out my company I will have to buy HP I think, there must be a decent staff discount somewhere…

          • $699 is not reasonable at all. You can buy a regular laptop that has two or four times the computing power for cheaper than that.

          • Yeah, I came close to laughing in their faces!

  17. If someone wants to give me a 42" LCD TV I promise to review it and post it on my website. I don't have one you see :o)


  18. Oh My God it is toomuch expensive

  19. well..I am ready to post its review..even make a new website just for its review…IF they give me this for free….Yes i am serious…

  20. Ok, so a netbook is too small to be a laptop and too big to be a PDA… so does it really belong to the hand held device category? I already have a laptop and a PDA.. do I still need this one?

  21. The only downside to these Notebooks is that oftentimes they have to be connected to a network. This end up becoming more troublesome than anything. Stick with a laptop that has wireless. They're not much bigger, and a good laptop doesn't run you too much more than a notebook.

  22. Of course you do! Just ask one of the netbook vendors! They'll tell you how much you need one.

  23. I have to admit, I wanted one this past christmas, but after holding one and then holding my Iphone, I figured…I could wait until the price drops and do I really need to be on my laptop that much? The price is just too high right now, but like you, I want one to just have one. I really don't need one.

    • If I made money on-line I'd be willing to consider buying it. But unless you need to be able to log in to your blog/ad sense/whatever at all times I don't think paying good money for a netbook is justified.

  24. I really want to have even a second hand netbook for my sideline work and online life. Thanks.

  25. Laptop is better! Those netbooks don't have dvd-roms, their screens are so small, and performance is so poor. I would rather recommend a 13-14 inch laptop – it will by much more handy.

  26. This looks like a nice notebook. I feel it will be very useful when anyone is traveling and they don't feel like carrying a big laptop.

  27. Yes, this a very neat! I'd like to buy one of them.

  28. Definitely. Without a laptop I would die. I prefer a tiny laptop.

  29. Netbooks are really great, but only for what they're intended to do: websurfing, using some office apps and so forth. On the other hand, It's an increasingly blurred line between netbooks and ultraportable laptops. Once the inexpensive little computers start getting faster and better they will be useful for just about anything, especially when some Nvidia Ion netbooks are released. Can't wait to play WoW on a netbook 🙂

  30. Netbooks are great for web surfing, blogging and entertainment, but not highly suitable for school and office related tasks because of having small screen and not so powerful performance.

  31. I am in the same boat as you are. I rather want a netbook, but I have not yet been able to pull the trigger on what seems to be a luxury purchase. My major concern is screen space so I will probably look at one of the slightly larget 11 or 12 inch models rather than those that sport the tiny 1024×800 screens. How can you see anything on one of those? Perhaps that is the coder in me speaking, but on the other hand I think they would be perfect while I was between classes at college and such.

  32. Really!A netbook is a great thing!

  33. Interesting article, but I must say I saw a much wider range of manufacturers in PC World around the time that you wrote the article. There's even more manufacturers going into the netbook market now.

  34. I think if i were you i need a notebook especially if you travel a lot you need a computer that you can always used anytime and anywhere. just go on the cafe shop were there's wifi spot you can already surf the web, check your emails, chat or log on to facebook. So i think you need it. 🙂
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