Public Privacy Policy Now Public. No Longer Private.

Yes, the rumours are correct: I now have a Privacy Policy.  And, somewhat confusingly, it’s no longer private.  If you can get your head around that, here’s some more stuff that I will lay on you.

This site has always had a privacy policy.  Like most important documents, I carried it around in my head and, if you so wished, I would have presented it to you upon request.  However, the grey beards of the internet were unhappy with this state of affairs.  They felt that this wasn’t right and proper and insisted that I created a written version that people can see without asking.  Now, you know me and you know I can be trusted “word is bond” and all that.  Yes, I may have used your address to buy a few personal items on sites I wasn’t too sure about – security on the internet is very important.  Oh, if those passports I ordered turn up, could you hang onto them for me.   Thanks.

They have obviously got at Sire as it’s his fault that I wrote this down.  This now means that instead of just trusting me, as you should do, and accepting that all is kosher and pukka on this site you now have to read the Privacy Policy and understand it and then explain it to me every single time I decide to amend it.  Tedious but apparently necessary.  So yeah, read it, understand and then leave your front door keys under the mat, I’ll bring the van round.

Unrelated Footnote: While writing this, I had a thought.  Is it possible to get someone accused of a crime on the internet without actually doing so?  To explain, in the above post I have put URLs under “Sire” and “it’s his fault“.  These links are now indexed by search engines.  If I were to write a completely normal and ordinary post, but use certain phrases as keywords and give them links, could I construct a letter to the data mining authorities via these means which would mean that Sire could get a call from the Aussie Stasi?  And, if I wrongly accuse him, would this cause him to form an Aussie A-Team?? Hmm, I feel an experiment coming on….

By the way, apologies to Sire for singling him out – it was those two links that kicked off the train of thought.  Obviously I wouldn’t implicate him in any crimes.  Obviously.  No, really.


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  1. Absolutely ridiculous that they are making you do this.

  2. I think that more and more any site which obtains any info needs this. The new Google advertising, that I have chosen to opt out of, just makes it more necessary.

  3. I updated mine too specially when I've read your post about the interest based adsense. Google recommends an update on the policy and I think I am obliged to do that. Its always on my dashboard.

  4. Some people just have nothing better to do but to bitch and moan about other people's websites. But well, now you need to write the whole thing down. Good luck with that.

  5. What bothers me about privacy policies is while it's all nice and legal and in black and white, there's nothing stopping companies from following them. Sure you can sue but most companies have the money for lawyers and the like. So bloody what?

  6. This is a valid point. I would say that, if the company is big and public enough, the sheer backlash in terms of bad press and stock devaluing would keep them somewhat honest. If, say Microsoft did it, there would almost immediately be a knee jerk reaction in terms of governments passing new laws to sanction the company. It's probably not worth their while. In terms of smaller companies, a nasty lawsuit would kill them off.

    So the only people who could do it relatively safely probably have no desire to do it.

  7. Absolutely correct Privacy policy is now a public in blogging. Very nice article.Thanks

  8. So your the reason ASIO is after me. I've been hiding from them for years and now they are knocking on the door. Thanks so much RAY! 😀

    And to think I still haven't done mine yet.

    • Well, if you haven't formed the A-Team yet there's nothing we can do. What I will say is that ASIO do pay well for informers – so far I've put them onto Hitler, Stalin and the bloke who sold me a dodgy burger. If I can find enough people to grass up, I may get a toaster!

  9. That's OK, I'll just plead insanity as a underpaid blogger and perhaps they will let me off. BTW, I loved the way you put that together.

  10. Bloggers should all be able to plead insanity – we need to get the UN to make it into a basic human right.

  11. At first I thought this was some sort of a joke but immediately I get it the moment I read the first paragraph. It came to my consciousness that I too had once my own private privacy policy which I also carry anywhere I go while mobile with my laptop.

    Anyway, don't get so non- private these days because I too am no longer private since the upload of my own privacy policy which is not really private. Funny but true – Ana

    • All private privacy policies should be made public so the public can peruse the previously private public privacy policies.

      And this whole blog is a joke. Apart from the bits that aren’t.

  12. The thing is Ray, most bloggers are the most sane people I know, so the insanity plea would be just a ploy, one that we should be able to pull off.

  13. So sane that we're out the other side. Yeah, I getcha 🙂

  14. I thought you dropped out of adsense and won't need much of a privacy policy. I don't know if it's illegal to take people's email addresses without a privacy policy.

    • I don’t need one just for this, but a privacy policy is no bad thing and helps you to cover your own ass!

      • Okay, so it's more like a 'nice to have' thing for you 😀 You take email in comments so a privacy policy might be required for that as well. Your link to privacy policy is a dofollow link, do you really care about SERPs for that page? 😀

  15. You must be young, because those "grey beards" you're talking of I always think of as "smart blankety-blank kids". lol And you're right, because I had to finally post a privacy policy myself.

  16. If I cared about page rankings I'd do a lot more than check for do and no-follows! This is an organic blog which has evolved over time to fit that certain niche – much like bubonic plague.

  17. i like the thought of keeping important documents in your head 🙂 its important to protect peoples privacy but there is a tendency to fit everything into boxes, making it hard to just share information the way the Internet original was intended to.

  18. Nothing is private any more in this day and age. The interent gives access to very thing.

  19. I don't know if it's illegal to take people's email addresses without a privacy policy.

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