Proper Snow At Last

Finally, after years of waiting, we have had proper snow here! It’s several centimetres deep and makes excellent snowballs. Now, you Canadians and people similarly used to snow may scoff, but a cold and nasty sleet is the best we usually do here in the South East UK. So yah boo sucks to you!

On the downside, I work from home a lot, so I can’t take the day off even if public transport is brought to a grinding halt. So it’s not all good news….

On the other hand, my dog absolutely loves it – he’s never seen proper snow before, which is a pretty poor state to be in for a husky!


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  1. This Australian, who hasn’t really seen snow at all, is jealous. 🙂

  2. Mmmmm.. snow! I wish we got it here in Texas.

  3. We get snow all the time. Its not so special over here. I guess it takes someone who dosent get much snow to appreciate it.

    • You’re far too blase about the snow situation – try living in a place where it’s either wet, dry or somewhere horribly in between all year round and then see how you feel about a bit of the white stuff 😉

  4. Hi Ray,
    Congratulations on the snow. I heard about it yesterday on the radio and how it had everything stopped up because you folks are used to it. It does make a nice change of pace. It is always great to hear from someone in another country on their view of what hear or read in the news. I am on the Oregon coast in US.
    Build a big snowman.

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    • We just don;t have the infrastructure in place. In our defence, we only get these big falls every 10 years or so, so it’s not worth anyone’s while to keep the infrastructure in place.

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  5. I had snow too and it was awesome, got 2 days off college because of it 😛 Good old snow blocking the train tracks lol

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  6. Each year we have different weather and nothing is predictable long term. I am really glad to have a lot of snow because we(me and my wife) have been missing it since our wedding. I really enjoyed it.

    • It has been nice to have some seasonal weather – having every day be a wet spring or autumn day gets very depressing!

  7. Snow is very nice as long as you are no constantly up to your arse in it!
    It’s my first time here. I really like your blog.
    I’ll be back

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  8. I love the snow! Been out in it everyday this week so far! But now I’m aching all over, and the initial fun of it has worn off quite a lot now, so I’ll be happy if it stays or goes! 🙂

  9. Haha it’s so silly that Britain gets shut down because of a couple inches of snow while people in places like Quebec have pictures of themselves standing beside snow banks over their heads as they go to work in the morning haha. At least it’s not -40 as it was 10 days ago here.

  10. I am leaving Los Angeles and going to freezing Colorado next week! They are supposed to get a huge storm – yeck!

    Michael-John Wolfe

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  11. I love snow in general but especially in places where they aren’t so use to it, where people aren’t blasé about it but see it as something special.

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  12. Its snowing in Swindon right now! All the schools have been off this past week and the kids are keen for another day off tomorrow… they went just mental when they saw the snow start earlier.

  13. i haven’t seen real snow. well, does the ice in the freezer counts as snow? i live in the near the equator so it’s warm all year round here. i wonder if i’ll get to see real snow.

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  14. Oh my how lovely. I’ve never experienced snow before because it’s summer here throughout the year lol. Oh well, am still grateful.

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  15. Your Husky dog can finally see and feel some snow, thats great. We don’t have snow in my country, and I wish we had.

  16. Well, I am happy to hear that you did get a proper snow. In some respects, those of us from Canada take snow for granted, but honestly, I could never imagine winter without it. So, a woo hoo! to you from a Canadian.

  17. If there was a way to ship snow you way I’d be more than happy to do so. Got more than enough to last me 10 lifetimes here in the Northeastern US. Snow, ice, and sleet.

  18. We’ve gotten a fair amount of snow around where I live but not enough. In fact, it’s around 60 degrees here, but it’s still winter! We are getting rain when it should be snow. Quite disappointing.

  19. Really it is very nice and thanks for sharing it.

  20. I cant wait til the snow is gone for good. It has been here for so long that I'm ready to part with it.

  21. Here in Michigan we get plenty

  22. Well, I missed a job intervew coz of the snow. but actually didn't want it anyway.
    the schools closed – even though the snow had melted. so that was good.
    The news was all blah-blah, this cost the economy 3 trillion squillion pounds, which is clearly nonsense.
    I have a plan….
    close everything, nobody has to pretend they tried go to work.
    no traffic, no accidents
    evryone has fun.

  23. i really love snow fall since last time snow fall in Italy i was really enjoyed there………….
    you guys remind me on my memorable days……
    thanks for great sharing

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