On My PC There Are Many Viruses

Have a look at the screenshot below these words.

My PC is all infected with those nasty viruses.  I had no idea that my browsing was so unsafe and that I was such a poor computer user.  Oh, that’s right, I run Linux and I don’t have a C:/ or D:/ drive or any viruses.  As a Linux user, I don’t even have to worry about adware removal.   This is a genuine public service announcement: after Christmas, lots of you will be returning your PCs and laptops to the store because they run slowly or not at all.  A number of you will have had these problems after clicking one of those free virus scan ads.  They are a scam and will put viruses onto your hard drive.  So, a plea: for the sanity of the poor techs and salesmen who gave you a perfectly good machine either browse sensibly or install Linux (even better, do both) and you’ll never have to worry about this sort of nonsense again.

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  1. This is a good post, if only everyone followed the easy steps of not clicking on “free” offers. Also, as far as linux is concerned. there are so many different builds nowadays that are almost as user friendly as windows or mac.

  2. yeah i dont even want to know how many viruses are on my computer… they are prolly the reason as to why my comp is running slower than it normally does :/

  3. I would like to do something to protect my computer but like everything else I don’t know what really works and who to trust. Right now I use free superantispyware but I am not really sure if it is protecting or not. It is what Dell told me about.
    Does Linux stop viruses from infecting your computer and can I run a browser like Flock or Firefox on it?
    Thanks for the info

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    • There are a very small number of viruses for Linux and the majority of those are “proof of concept”. Both Flock and Firefox run on Linux – FF & Flock both come from the original Mozilla codebase which has been very much Linux from day one.

  4. Ray, Do Linux has some viruses? I don’t think so. If I am wrong then let me know a few of them. Windows Sucks regarding viruses and trojan. A few years ago when I was not familiar with trojan and viruses. I clicked on the similar ad. It was spyware and a message was asking me to install a sheriff for that spy. So I got infected and I had to reinstall windows. I think we know a lot about them now and have the tendency to get rid of them. Anyways if we can run on Linux then there is nothing better than that.

  5. If Windows Sucks regarding viruses and trojans then why there are so many users are still using it? Why is there so many who hates it but still use it? I don’t like the flaws of this OS but this flaws makes other people make money and business comes to life. The only thing we can do w/ the viruses is to deal with them.

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  6. There are a number of reasons that people still use Windows even though, in many cases, they could switch pretty seamlessly. These are: it’s what they use at work, they don’t know of any other systems, it came preinstalled with their new PC, they need it for games, there’s one program they have to use that is only produced for Windows. Not an exhaustive list.

    All I, and others, can do is to point out the alternatives.

  7. Virus won’t infect linux box and the reason for a linux box to have an AV installed is to detect viruses that may come from windows system that connect to it, or shared folder. I used to have this stupid virus or whatever you call it on my Ubuntu and it remains in my wine registry for a long time before I got tired of it and so I removed wine.

    Hey Ray, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    • The joy of emulating Windows is that you can also emulate viruses 🙂 Good point about the av on Linux – if you pass files to Windows clients (and Macs, increasingly) you should still scan them. Just because we’re safe doesn’t mean that they are.

      And merry Christmas to you too, od

  8. My mac rarely gets viruses. It seems most viruses dont have compatibility for macs.

  9. I never get viruses, because I do use the web sensibly. As long as you don’t download anything from an untrusted source, you’ll be fine. That’s really all you need to do to be safe.

  10. oh no! I got that message too!no wait, I run AVG/Ad-Aware and Spyware Detector, and this says it can remove my viruses? ok, I’ll download it! ¬_¬

    the worrying thing, is that people fall for this

  11. Great advice. I get calls all the time that involve “I got this popup” and “the scanner I bought there says my computer is clean”. Perhaps there should be a law. Or we should cut off people’s mousing fingers. 🙂

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  12. Maybe I’ll give some variant of Linux a try this coming 2009. Unfortunately, my computer and technical skill is limited, so I’m sure it’ll take some time to learn how to use an operating system I’m not familiar with.

  13. Of course, you could also switch to Mac.

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  14. Nah. Run Linux, like Ray says in his post (read it again), since you have the hardware already. Why buy a new Mac just to have their OS?

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  15. Macs are even more locked in than Windows, run Linux and be free!

  16. Hear Hear. May everyone see the wisdom of your words!

  17. I’ve found that simply not using internet explorer makes a huge difference, it may start changing now, but explorer is still #1 so most viruses will be targeted toward that.

  18. Yeah! I totally agree with you Jenny! Explorer will always be number 1 no matter what.

  19. I don’t run Linux, but have had my laptop with vista 100% virus free for the past year since I’ve owned it 🙂

    One thing I do regularly is run msconfig and go through the start up files for anything that looks suspicious (or otherwise just unnecessary to have running all the time – like the kodak easy share software i installed that i use only about twice a year)

    Other than that, I never run a program unless i know exactly what it is and who it came from – and if I’m at all wary of something, I try it out on my kids virus infected computer first 🙂 I am constantly debugging theirs because they don’t know any better and just click on anything with shiny flashy pictures!

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    • That has always (even when I ran Windows) sounded like too much hassle for me. Since switching I have no worries 🙂

  20. Linux or Mac are definitely the best solution. I would also not recommend the “Free” Registry cleaners – they only make your computer slower…

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  21. The people behind those virus pop ups are scum.

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  22. The free virus scan ads were always looked suspicious to me. It is just another way to make you install unwanted software in your computer. The good side is that one good anti-virus software may solve most of the viruses problems.

  23. Man, I know all about those virus scan pop-ups.. never search google for free virus software, you are bound to end up with a virus mongering software program that was designed for the ignorant.. pcs do get viruses but i think its important to watch which sites you got to so you don’t get them… thx for the post!

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  24. If re-formatting your hard drive is not an option. I would recommend finding a good spyware removal device and then run it in safe mode on your computer to make sure it works correctly.

    • I completely agree – Hijack This is also a good tool to have to hand. But only if you’re a Windows user – the rest of us don’t have to worry!

  25. What flavor or version of Linux is recommended for a newbie migrating away from Windows. My attraction is the system resources it’ll free up vs Vista.

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  26. Another source for virus can be your pen drive. Every time i bring some files from my friends pc or some public pc, my pc gets loaded with viruses.

    I use avira antivirus (free edition) and its pretty good.

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  27. Yes the free virus scan ads are nearly all scams. Try being more careful next time. I use AVG and Kaspersky as my antivirus. Try getting one of them and I a sure you can rid of those.

  28. As a Linux user, I am already immune to these things. The post was to point out how obvious a scam these things are!

  29. Unfortunately, we can’t force others to protect themselves 😦

  30. You’re right to point out these scams of course, but I would say the entire “Anti Virus” industry is something of a swindle. It’s the age old politicians / sales technique: spread the idea of this mysterious threat facing everyone that most people don’t understand, and then get people to spend their money on buying peace of mind to protect them from it.

    However for the past few years, having gotten fed up of the memory drain of antivirus programs, I uninstalled it completely and just relied on Windows Firewall and a half decent spyware checker (Windows Defender does the job), together with being careful about what files I download / email attachments I open – and nothing. No signs of any viruses on either of my 2 PCs during that time.

  31. I had a virus problem on my teenagers computer until I bought them a Mac about a year ago. Since then not one virus!

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  32. On my PC there are no viruses (I am as sure as possible). I use Mac and Mac versions of softwares like McAfee and Spyware Doctor.

  33. Windows is always the most virused. The fact that it is so popular is usually blamed, but both Mac and Linux are Unix based and the permisions system on these systems is far superior to Windows and so harder to infect and that is why we are safer.

  34. I still remember the first viruses from the 80’s (ping pong and the like). Looks like the war against viruses will never end. My solution is to backup frequently my data.

  35. I wouldn’t mind switching to linux if I could play my games. I don’t see that happening anytime soon though. But I practice safe surfing on my XP system, so I’m not to worried.

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  36. Go mac and you’ll never go back! I haven’t touched my PC in a year. I used to upgrade and fix that thing non-stop (fix because of viruses). I did enjoy doing the upgrades and the huge amount of software, but too much time was being wasted. I finally got a mac and now life is beautiful again…! No more bluescreen of death!! Woohoo!

  37. There are some nasty viruses going around. Over xmas I cleaned out my father's pc and it seems he has already got another virus.

  38. I have to say that no matter how hard I try to keep this junk off my computer it still manages to get on. It is a ever ending battle.

  39. I get a virus every few days. My Norton 360 works to clean the mess. Can I seamlessly switch to Linux? I'm running Windows XP right now. How would my applications port over to Linux?

  40. It depends on the applications you are using. It was easy for me because I just use the basics. Specialist apps probably won\'t be ported and, for the rest, there are likely to be native apps available. Grab a live CD and test it for yourself.

  41. Yeah, be really careful about the viruses that could be on your flash drive. Got my PC infected like this one time.

  42. Nice post! Yeah even my PC was infected by some virus, but I detected them by some anti virus software and cleared it off.. Now it's running smoothly.

  43. I hate virus like Trojan. They keep on fighting with anti-virus software. Anyway, let me check out this pen drive.

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