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  1. You have the same renewal date that I do. Mine auto renewed though. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I stupidly decided that I would remember or that they would send me mail to remind me. Weirdly though, I was under the impression that it expired in December. Oh well, lesson learned 🙂

  3. I haven’t been online for the past several days, so I never noticed.

    But I think there’s a protection against somebody else taking your domain name during the time after expiry for another period after which your domain will get deleted and you’ll have to re-register or somebody else might.

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  4. glad to hear that the situation turned out alright. 🙂 i do wonder when i’ll eventually learn to, and start making use of my own domain names (as opposed to just going with blogger). 🙂

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  5. Actually, it was quite handy for me, it gave me a chance to test the error function on my blog’s blogroll-generating code 😉

    Glad you got it all sorted!

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  6. Hari is right. Most registrars only allow the previous registrant to re-register even after expiration for like 30 days or so. It’s not up for total grabs unless you don’t act within such time period or actually cancel the domain.

    And yeah, usually they’ll lose any settings you have for your domain after it expires.

    • What’s weird is that today, after work, I received an email telling me that my domain had expired two days ago. Just a wee bit late 🙂

  7. Really glad you got your domain back. With my luck, some squatter would have grabbed it or someone wanting to host a new porn site.

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    • Well, if you search for Lesbians on Google I am one of the top hits. So if anyone did want to host a porn site this could well already have the traffic required. 🙂

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  8. that’s why next time, to avoid this kind of hassle make it autorenew 🙂 Glad that you made it just on time before anyone got interest to get it from you.

  9. Gah, this happened to me once too. Was a bloody mess trying to get my registration back up, probably my own proper fault though for not setting my domain to automatic renewal. Probably give you a heartattack though when all of your hard work is offline like that.

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  10. this happened to me recently. I think if a site is valuable to you, set up auto renew as people can lie in wait, waiting for people to mess up like that!

  11. I recently bought a domain name and it’s not up for auto-renewal, I have also forgotten what date I bought it so I’ll have to do some searching around 123-reg to see if they will tell me 😛 Then I shall have to take your advice and write it down so I don’t forget. Although, I would very much doubt that the domain name would be taken as it’s pretty unique.

  12. Yeah…you should definitely be using the auto-renew deal with a credit card. That has saved me many a time.

  13. this article is of great help for people who are new into blogging! thanks a lot buddy!

  14. Wow, that was a close one! I am glad no domain pirates caught it…good to see you back 😉

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  15. Hi
    I know its scary and not good to let your domain expire any time. But depending on which registrar you use, you have anywhere from 60 to 75 days to save your domain name from the time it expires. Though it does get more expensive the longer you wait.

  16. I was just wondering why you deleted my domain pirate comment…I thought it was pretty original 🙂

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    • It didn’t get deleted, just put in the moderation queue. I do get the occasional false positive I’m afraid. I’ve rescued your comment now.

  17. I had this happen once to my main business website (bricks and mortar). We actually were getting a fair amount of business from the website so I freaked out at first. Fortunately, we caught it in time and got it renewed and back online without any lasting problems.

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  18. Bad – site offline, no auto renewal.

    Good – Lego Batman! yay.

    But seriously, sorry to hear that happen, but glad you’re back!

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  19. Thanks for the advice. I have been considering the auto-renew option but this account sort of made my decision for me. I don’t want to lose any sites.

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  20. DANG! I missed my opportunity to steal your domain name!

  21. Everyone should definitely learn from my mistake – remember to renew your domain!

  22. Thanks for the reminder Ray, I would be extra careful after this

  23. Yeah you gotta watch that stuff. I’m glad you got to keep the URL.

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  24. Wow! That is lucky.

    I have my important domains all registered out 5 years or more for this reason.

    David @ Internet Marketing Management Strategy´s last blog post..ifbyphone Raises $4.6 Million in New Round of Venture Capital Funding

  25. I almost had the same thing happen to me. I was notified by Godaddy that my cc info was out of date 2 days before it was to expire. So I was lucky to have avoided the situation, but I’m sure it is quite common.

  26. You’re lucky the name didn’t get taken, as I’ve known people who forget to renew and that had some jackass steal the name. By the way, I’ve been wanting to play LEGO Batman, but haven’t got the chance. It seems pretty fun.

  27. Congrats on getting everything back in order. I just went in and maxed out my registration. I always worry that my credit card will expire and I’ll forget to re-list the new one before the auto-renew is set to happen.

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  28. You mean if it’s not auto renew they don’t notify you before it expires? I set all mine (5 domains) not to auto renew because at the time I wasn’t sure which ones would stay around. Yikes.

    Jack Clarke@SEO and Affiliate Techniques´s last blog post..The importance of Blog design

    • They do notify you, but the company were having technical problems so the notification didn’t come until it was nearly too late!

  29. With today’s frenzy of domainers, you’re very lucky! very lucky, indeed!

  30. Congrats on having sorted out the whole thing. May the next domain name renewal not be so troublesome.

  31. Ah this can be so frustrating. We almost lost one of our most importanrt URLs, though luckily our host had snapped it up and we talked them into giving it back…

  32. We actually were getting a fair amount of business from the website so I freaked out at first. Fortunately, we caught it in time and got it renewed and back online without any lasting problems.

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