WordPress 2.6.3

When I dipped in to upgrade some plugins this evening, my dashboard kindly told me that I needed to upgrade from WordPress 2.6.2 to WordPress 2.6.3. Get the latest version here.

In short, it seems that the library used to fetch the dashboards feeds, named Snoopy, has a vulnerability and this upgrade fixes that.

So, if you are running WordPress 2.6.2 or earlier (especially if you are running an earlier version) then you should upgrade soonest.


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  1. I updated all my blogs too, went very smoothly – no problems.

  2. the upgrade has been declared as a low risk but i still m thinking of the update.

  3. Given. I am late because of factors outside of WP. 😉

  4. That’s the wwoooonnnddder of Worrrrdddpressss; connstant vulnerabilities and upgrades. Hey ho.

  5. All software has constant vulnerabilities. The difference with WordPress is that the vulnerabilities are addressed as soon as possible and publically. That is a good thing. This is one big reason why I choose WordPress over other solutions.

    MrCorey´s last blog post..Maybe a Little Too Tough

    • It is the “problem” with open source software being so open. It appears that FOSS stuff is more vulnerable because you see more updates more often. The reality is that we’re safer because of it. Proprietary products only need to fix the more publicly known problems because you’re not allowed to dig around in the code in the same way.

  6. All software has constant vulnerabilities

    I somewhat disagree with MrCorey, especially for projects written in PHP compared with other solutions.

    Proper input sanitisation is one of the most basic issues to be handled by any web programmer and it’s amazing how many PHP scripts still have such vulnerabilities.

    You see, because PHP is an amazingly easy language to learn, it’s too easy to write scripts without taking into consideration some basic security issues. Most programmers should be aware of these issues, but PHP developers need not necessarily be aware of these kinds of HTTP form submission issues and also other networking issues as PHP tends to hide most of the complexity beneath its libraries. That’s also why it’s amazingly popular in the FOSS arena.

    So in fact, you have more changes of finding an insecure PHP script (which might be written by an amateur programmer) than in a CGI script written in C by programmer who’s aware of what’s going on underneath.

    hari´s last blog post..Blog software update: commenting system

  7. The automatic wordpress upgrade plugin from Techie Buzz makes any and all WP upgrades a piece of cake.


    Pete@Game Economy´s last blog post..Social Games developer Playfish lands $17 Million in Financing

  8. I have had that little bar in my admin panel for a few days now. I am yet to actually do the upgrade since I always hate breaking things when they were working before.

    I think I’ll give it a shot in the next few days.

    Justin@Adventure Blog´s last blog post..An Interview With Darren Rowse

  9. I am getting sick of the constant wordpress updates. I hate updating all these things. Maybe its just me, but i hate doing it.

  10. The point releases do tend to come a bit thick and fast, don’t they 🙂

    Ray´s last blog post..WordPress 2.6.3

  11. I only wish that I had switched to wordpress. Do you think that wordpress is better than blogger?

    John Smith @ Money Bush´s last blog post..ScratchBack Links: Tip Jar for Blogs

    • The big advantage of using WordPress over Blogger is that you’re going to have it hosted somewhere that you have uploaded the software to. This usually means that you’ll have control over what files are on the server and what’s in your database (as much as knowledge permits, of course). Most importantly, you’ll also be able to save a back up of the whole thing to be restored if your hosting solution craps out. With Blogger, your site’s existence is at the whim of Blogger.

      MrCorey´s last blog post..Get it on or Get off the road!

  12. John Smith, I’d say WordPress is definitely better than blogger. Although I don’t have much experience with blogger, when I used it briefly I did not like it, and I believe WordPress is a lot more customizable, but I’m not sure about that.

  13. Having the .org version gives you complete control over your blog and is, to me, far preferable to using Blogger.

  14. I should upgrade my wp blog now! Thanks for the info!

  15. I’ve recently written my own blogging software and switched over to it completely. No more worries of upgrades (unless I change the coding myself :D)

    hari´s last blog post..Brand new blogging software

  16. So when will HariPress.org be available to the public? 😉

    Ray´s last blog post..WordPress 2.6.3

  17. CrispLog? Is that a reference to speed? 🙂

    MrCorey´s last blog post..He was missed

  18. Ray, it will be available once I test it a bit online and also add a simple search form.

    Mr.Corey, I have no idea how I got the name, but my idea is that this blog software should be a no-nonsense, very functional, yet minimal blog system with not too much overhead like other blogging systems have become.

    I’d better register the domain name now it’s out in the open 😉

    hari´s last blog post..Brand new blogging software

  19. Just looking for advice on whether it is absolutely necessary to upgrade from 2.6.2 – Looks like I’m gonna be busy as I have 12 blogs on this version…

    • Have you thought about switching to WordPress MU? It allows you to have multiple separate blogs but only one instance of WordPress to upgrade. Otherwise you may want to look into grabbing one of the easy upgrade plugins.

  20. Thanks for the advice . Need to go update wordpress now I guess.

  21. I let all the udates be automatically since it helps to prevent some damages or possible virus in my computer.

  22. Instead of upgrading the whole thing, they also offer upgrading of files that contain Snoopy class. The link is somewhere on the WordPress site.

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  23. I hope you don’t take it as a spam, but I noticed after posting my first comment that you have a nice “Reply to Comment” choice in the comments. Since I can’t subscribe to comments on this post, can you send an email with the name and a link to the plugin you are using? Thank you very much.

  24. 2.6.5 is out now.

    MrCorey´s last blog post..He’s Just the Result of Bad Parenting

  25. You have wrote very nice article and i was so much impressed about it. Also be careful of the “slap down” that google is putting on the pay-for-inclusion- directories.

  26. I have no idea how I got the name, but my idea is that this blog software should be a no-nonsense, very functional, yet minimal blog system with not too much overhead like other blogging systems have become.

  27. I will upgrade my blog soon. Thank you for your site

  28. made official until the end of the first picture I hope that video is beautiful


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