Married Life. Coming Soon.

Those of you who can see me on Facebook will be aware that I changed my status some time ago to “engaged”.  I have gone from saying “no way, not ever” to “let’s set a date”.  I am nothing, if not inconsistent.  So yeah, I’m getting married.

Because we are both practical people (and a variety of other reasons) this is going to be an extremely quick and simple wedding.  We have booked a local registrar’s office for next May, there will be space for us and 4 guests and the whole thing takes minutes apparently.  For anyone reading this and looking to get married and not wanting to go through the hassle of the full ceremony and wondering who will sit where can do what I did.

It really is very simple and pretty damn low cost.  In fact, I don’t think there is a cheaper option which still ends up with you being legally married.  Obviously, this comes with a massive caveat: make sure your intended is happy doing this.  Proudly saying you have organised a quick, simple and cheap wedding when s/he would like the full monty does not mean that you will be off to a good start….  Anyway, do this:

  • Find your nearest registrar’s office and phone them up
  • Ask them for the availability on 2 or more preferred dates
  • Explain that you just want the quick legal ceremony (this is the bare basics, you will be married but won’t have the expected floweriness.  Or flowers.)
  • Answer simple questions – who are you, are you British, are you free to marry, that sort of thing.
  • Pay £43.50 over the phone by debit or credit card (price correct today, it is subject to change though)
  • Put the phone down and then tell the very small number of people and your witnesses where and when
  • …..
  • Profit!

Well, maybe not the last one, but you then have lots of money (hopefully) to have an awesome honeymoon happy in the knowledge that saying that you are on your honeymoon means people may give you free stuff!!

Speaking of honeymoons, where to go??  The Netherlands, Amsterdam to be specific, is romantic.  If you like far flung and exotic places, travel to China.  You could even try Lake Powell houseboat rentals if you want something different!  And a little bird tells me that Olongapo is very pleasant…..

We’re actually spending about 3 weeks in Florida because it’s a fantastic tourist spot and we like lots of sunshine and air conditioned hotels….

So yeah, for the followers of Ray news, I will be totally off the market in about 7 months and then I’ll have just 12 months until my first wedding anniversary.  Scary stuff and I suspect this means that I’m that bit closer to becoming an adult.

So in summary: engaged now, married next year, cheap and cheerful ‘cos that’s all we need, awesome long honeymoon/holiday.


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  1. Well firstly, congrats! You are a braver man than I !

    What a difference in cost compared to the “traditional” marriages that go on. I hear people talking of spending £20K on a more “basic” wedding. Sounds crazy to me when this money could be best spent elswhere.

    Fortuantely for me I know my other half would not settle for the regestry office as she wants the more fake traditional affair – I will have the finaces as an excuse for a while yet!

    • “Finances” – saving men from marriage for 2000 years!

      My way is cheaper and we still get the day to remember and a good long holiday. On the day itself we just need to fork over a further £60 (£30 each) for the certificate and other bits and it’s all done and we get the rest of the day to ourselves – which means finish packing and get to the airport….

      • Yes I am definitely with your way of thinking! But this is where I think me and my partner will just have to agree to disagree – for now it suits me!

    • My wife and I got married in Jamaica. Great way to save by combining a gorgeous sunset wedding on the beach with your honeymoon!

      Ice Cold Hyde´s last blog post..Remembering Birth of Mothra

      • I definitely think that saving money on one day is worth having a smaller event. Although the day is important to some, you get far more photos out of the awesome holiday you can have by saving on the wedding.

  2. Best wishes. 🙂

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  3. Well, well, well.

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  4. Thanks guys

    Ray´s last blog post..Married Life. Coming Soon.

  5. I think I read only last week that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is now close to £30k, this I think is just madness. You could use that money for a heft deposit on the first marital home. But then as I am a bloke no doubt I will be told that I think like this cause I am “unromantic”!

  6. China might be a great place for honeymoons, or you can try Malaysia 🙂

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  7. congratulations on the engagement

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  8. Congratulations!

    I am female and cheap, so look out guys who would like to use “finances” as an excuse, hehehe.

    Closer to growing up, eh? Scary thought…

    titanium_geek´s last blog post..reflections on landing

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s all very exciting really. Not sure about the growing up thing, I was chairing a meeting today and ended up chatting to a colleague before the meeting and we were giggling like schoolchildren….

  9. Getting married is going to be great, and I’m happy that you found someone good. I agree with you about a small wedding; I don’t want one of those big events with hundreds of people. It’s incredibly expensive and too complex. It’s not about the wedding, it’s the years after it.

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    • Exactamundo Cunningham! As long as the two main players are there (my fiancée and I) and we wind up married at the end, all the frills are unnecessary. We have a 3 week holiday to go to directly after the service and that, and the rest of our lives, are the important bits.

  10. Congratulations, I am happy for you. I also don’t like big events, a simple and solemn wedding is what I wanted. You can go to Mexico for your honeymoon.

  11. Having been married for almost 7 yrs I would like to let you know that despite all the jokes, the ups and downs. There is no better state to be in. Yes the initial years are rough, but hang in there and reap the fruit of your patience in 5 yrs time.

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  12. Some girls like all the frills they can get to make the day unforgettable and still the husband will forget the anniversary. If you ask me a quick and economical wedding is a great way to begin saving your for the brood that will enter your nest. Yes you will be parents one day. Chew on that and get ready for it.

  13. Hi Ray,

    I got married 20 years ago. If had my time over I would have not bothered with posh dress, church, and reception, and have gone abroad and married on a beach.

    We spent so much money we coould not afford the honeymoon. I we had done what I said above we would have had the wedding and honeymoon all in one.

    Good luck to you both. Have a great day.

    All the best

    emma@ Cookie Jar´s last blog post..Cookie Jar

    • I have a pathological dislike of large arrangements, especially if I have to do any of the arranging. Luckily, we are both practical people and recognise that the wedding itself is only important as far as the actual getting married bit. All the rest is fluffery!

      Ray´s last blog post..Married Life. Coming Soon.

  14. Traditional Weddings = Big Party For Friends/Family

    My wife and I went for the shotgun wedding. My wife doesn’t even believe in diamond rings either, said she couldn’t be bothered with a rock on her hand that someone probably died to dig up and made nothing from it but a few dollars a day in pay.

    And Ray, it’s about time you fully committed to your woman to prove your love by getting the government to stamp the approval seal on a piece of paper.. 😉

    As my wife and I were broke when we got married, our first honeymoon will probably be us taking the kids on a Disney Cruise.. 🙂

    • Yes, we will have a governmentally mandated living arrangement next May! Spending a stinking fortune on a party for a bunch of friends and relatives sounds a lot less fun than spending 3 weeks in a hotel! And the good thing is that while we are out there, it will be my birthday so I will get free entry to Disney theme parks. And since it’s also our honeymoon we will be seeing what else they will give us 🙂

      Ray´s last blog post..Married Life. Coming Soon.

  15. It should not be so big a deal if you already have been together for 12 years and have a child. After all that means you truly know and love each other.

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  16. Congrats man!

    Have a nice life, and the best wife. And your tips to save some money are quite nice. But I don’t think I can utilize your options, as my fiance will kill me in the process. She is more into the traditions.

    Again, Congrats.

  17. Every one needs a practical missus. Your comments are just making me appreciate her all the more 🙂

  18. Congratulations on the engagement!! Good luck to you.

  19. Having done that myself, I have to say congratulations. My current wife (2nd) I figured out that we could save money on the “party for friends and family” and use it on our honeymoon like you did. However, I would make a small suggestion though, if you don’t mind. I have lived and worked in Florida, and many other places all over the world, served as a US Marine. If all you want is to be spoiled, pampered and enjoy the Walt Disney Resorts, take a cruise. This honeymoon was the first time that I had ever taken a cruise as a civilian and my wife and I loved it. Disney offers a Land/Sea Package that envolves a few days in the theme park and a few days on their ships. And you get to begin you travels through life together in a different way in a different place everyday.
    Normally I don’t post just surf but I thought I would offer up this tidbit. Orlando and Miami really aren’t all that spectacular, unless you are into clubbing and bikini watching.

    • Hi Andrew – thanks for the advice. We’ve been to Orlando 3 or 4 times now as we get a very good deal from the Sheraton on International Drive. Basically, we really like Florida. We are planning to only spend a short time on the parks this year as we aim to do some exploring. As to the clubbing and bikini watching, our daughter will be 11 by the time we get there so there won’t be any clubbing! And the hotel pool offers all the bikinis I need to see 🙂

      I would like to do the cruise sometime, maybe an anniversary cruise though, rather than a honeymoon cruise.

      Welcome to the site and I hope you’ll see some other posts that will prompt you to comment on.

  20. Congratulations to you both. I agree that weddings can be kept economical in scale. It is a celebration, but at the same time, why enter into a union with debt, or having spent money that could be a downpayment on a house.

  21. Congratulations. You are a brave man. I am still accumulating courage.

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  22. Your missin out on the experience of the real deal wedding. Sure it costs a ton but it was definitely worth it for me.

    But hey Congrats Anyway

  23. Your missin out on the experience of the real deal wedding. Sure it costs a ton but it was definitely worth it for me.

    But hey Congrats Anyway

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  24. That is really a great news. Congratulations and best wishes.

  25. Congrats on the big news. Your taking the plunge but it should work out in the end. I’m too scared to get married, lol.

    Justin@Adventure Blog´s last blog post..An Interview With Darren Rowse

  26. Congrats on the engagement! I wish you the best of luck!

  27. More power to you!

    We spent closer to $5000 on our wedding and had over 250 people there.

    It was beautiful, but costly.

    daniel@glow in the dark contacts´s last blog post..Have You Heard Of Glow In The Dark Contacts?

    • I have no issue with other people spending money on their weddings, just not something I’m that bothered with.

      By the way Daniel – I had a quick squint at your site and you need to get some SEO optimisation in there: use backlinks and various plugins or Google will largely overlook you.

  28. Best of luck being married!

  29. haha, i wouldnt mind that. too bad the wifey thinks otherwise >_<

  30. Good to hear that you as a couple are going for what you want as far as the wedding venue and honeymoon is concerned. So many couples today feel under pressure to please the family and not get what they want out of their special day. Good luck!

  31. Warmest congratulations to the future development. 🙂 I married more then 12 years, have 2 sons. So life is successful. Hope you second half will make you happy. And… do not forget about photos… 😉

  32. Congratulations!! I think that any wedding no matter where or how or the cost is great as long as there is true love between the couples.

    Meka@ ways to earn online´s last blog post..Win Free Paypal Money: Contest

  33. That is awesome! I am very happy for you guys. Best wishes and congratulations!.

  34. Congratulations. Quick, simple, and low cost good for you. I read an article a few weeks back stating that the average wedding cost in the US has climbed to $28,000.00 I guess nothing says “I love you” like maxing out your credit cards. Our wedding was super cheap. Hiked to the top of a local “mountain” and got married by a justice of the peace. Later that night, we hosted a fajita buffet for about 20 family members & close friends; most of whom didn’t know about the deed. Got a really awesome cake, and BAM! Marriage. Total cost including food, drinks, rings, etc; about $1500. We even both got some new threads for dinner. =)

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  35. Married life is a time to have focus in your life with your family. You must be intact and make sure to have a strong relationship.Congratulations! and God bless..

  36. Oh that was fun. I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations and Best wishes.

  37. I think every man in the world would like to do it this way – not too many women though, certainly none I’ve ever come across.

  38. What a surprised news! I am really glad for you guys.Best Wishes

  39. Deciding to get married can be a nerve wracking experience.

  40. Look on getting married as adventure. That will make it fun.

  41. I agree. I would spend the bulk of my money on the honeymoon.

  42. I think it is smart to go with a simple ceremony. Especially in these economic times.

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