I Know How You Got Here!

Inspired by Stevo‘s post on Wonderful Search Terms and hoping to jump on the internet meme bandwagon, here are the top 20 searches for this site.

Firstly, I know what the number one search term for this site is and I know it without checking.  I find it fantastic that particular search term brings so many people in and I think I am about to up it’s searchability!

So, without further ado, here is the list of the top 20 according to Woopra (searching via Google – text and image search), with comments:

  • lesbians – yep, the top slot again!
  • Lesbians – and also the number 2 slot
  • kubuntu 8.04
  • kmymoney windows
  • slackware fonts
  • humour
  • slackware review
  • freecom network drive linux
  • kmymoney for windows
  • blog voyeur – can’t recall if this was an actual post or just wishful thinking
  • spam karma wordpress 2.6
  • lesbians having sex – gotcha again!
  • customer service words
  • forer effect
  • LESBIANS – big lesbians? or just shouting lesbians?
  • lesbianism – no comment
  • freecom 29013
  • slackware reviews
  • voyeur blog – I do hope that this isn’t a real type of blog.  But then again, Rule 34….
  • wordpress logo

And, for balance and sanity, the top 20 keyword searches:

  • lesbians – dagnabbit
  • slackware
  • kubuntu
  • wordpress
  • linux
  • freecom
  • network
  • kmymoney
  • drive
  • 8.04
  • debian
  • amarok
  • for – who the hell searches for this and thinks it will be useful?
  • windows
  • the – and again
  • install
  • blood
  • how – and again
  • 2.6.2
  • with – good grief

So, time to crack out my honeypot tags again.  In case you’re interested, “sex with donkeys” was also a search term, but it was too low on the chart to be listed.  I would imagine the searcher was really disappointed when he (and you know it was a he) go here.

So, what are your top search terms?

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  1. My keywords are rubbish – I’m going to start writing about lesbians (lesbians have sensitive skin too.)

    sensitive skin care´s last blog post..Sensitive Skin Care, the Basics

  2. Lesbians seem to be in demand? hah. Woopra service is new to me, thanks.

  3. Lesbians are always in demand! At least, that’s what my stats tell me. If I were really looking to make money off this site, I know which demographic I could target.

  4. that’s hilarious. 😀 and yet if it’s effective… hmmm… maybe i should write a haiku about lesbians…

    kouji@captivating Capiz´s last blog post..haiku poem: poverty (goodsearch)

  5. I am always happy to inspire others 🙂

    Ray´s last blog post..I Know How You Got Here!

  6. haha… march of the lesbians! @_@

  7. Good Job.. Many people are trying to come on first page of Google for that keyword.. may be sometime later your site will be the top..

    TechnoSamrat´s last blog post..Blaze Media Pro – Powerful all-in-one Video and Audio Converter, Editor and Ripper

  8. I agree on what you said Ray that lesbian are always in demand. It’s kinda funny but it’s true.

  9. Great Wall of China Facts says:
    I had no idea that lesbian was one of your keywords! WOW. Internet is weird.

  10. I think that you may end up rivalling RT for searches on that comic. I’ve seen it elsewhere as well, but the site I saw it on would have it anyways, ‘cos she likes to be nude and show pictures of those who are.

    You’ll have to try harder for those clay figurine searches, though (perhaps a tagline would help…)

    MrCorey´s last blog post..I suppose You Should Know

  11. You missed angry Lesbians

    JAB_au´s last blog post..Nailing Your Wife – James Gunn’s PG Porn

  12. Only calm lesbians need come here 🙂

  13. Why only calm lesbians need to come here Ray? If you ask me then Calm and Lovely lesbians are also welcome 🙂

  14. Nice info…how did you actually get signed up for Woopra? I sent in a request when it first launched and have never gotten a response yet.

    I would certainly be interested in trying it out.

    David – Chicago´s last blog post..Speaking Of Facebook – It Needs Change Management of Customer Service

  15. @ Proxy – Lesbians are often lovely by default, so are automatically welcome!

    @David – I signed up back when it was in early Beta, I think they’ve been swamped with requests and have to manually go through each request. You could try asking on their forum as I believe the devs and approvers often hang out there.

  16. Haha, this definitely needs more lesbian search action. I always find it amusing at some of the terms that people use to get to my site. A quick stats check shows my highest used phrases to be:

    “long hair styles for men” and “sexy english women”

    Matt Savage´s last blog post..The Dilemmas of Male Virgins

  17. I must have missed the blog post about the lesbians having sex while arguing over the word press logo and setting up a voyeur blog…..I think I was in California that week.

  18. Sherry, it was an action packed week – shame you missed it 😉

    Ray´s last blog post..I Know How You Got Here!

  19. Wow, those are some … good keywords to be ranked #1 for! Even if (as it sounds) you would rather be ranked for different keywords, traffic is traffic, right?

    I’m an analytical junkie and I love going through keywords and phrases for my sites every day but I must admit, lesbian is missing from all my lists!

    Alex@Politic News´s last blog post..Judge says GOP’s voter purging plan violates federal law

  20. Did you target the lesbian keyword? 😛

    Myron Tay´s last blog post..If poor people worked they wouldn’t be poor anymore would they?

  21. That’s funny how you keep getting hits from the search term, “Lesbians”, and all of your posts with that word seem to get the most comments 😉

  22. I didn’t purposefully target that key word, it went in before I got submitted to various networks. Of course, once I realised I started using it a lot so I can mess with the heads of the teenagers 🙂

    Ray´s last blog post..I Know How You Got Here!

  23. I am always amazed at the terms people use that end up visiting our site. We have nothing that even comes close to porn, but people search for the weirdest things, and then visit me for some reason!

  24. Hehe…I’m still trying to figure out exactly what lostaddress has to do with lesbians, but obviously it’s getting a lot of traffic. 😉

    Pete@Game Economy´s last blog post..Stevie Case to present on Metanomics.net

    • I am the second or third entry on google image search for that word, so I get people who have searched for it coming here.

  25. I wonder how many visitors you are getting from lesbians…and have you thought of ranking well for the keyword gays too? lol

    Zaldy Dalisay@Custom Mini Bikes´s last blog post..Mini Madness at Barona Oaks Raceway

  26. Lesbian? lol, it looks like lesbian is on demand. Thanks for sharing Woopra, I’m gonna try it later

    Norhafidz@Make Money Online´s last blog post..Make Money Blogging – Is It Possible?

  27. Thats a hilarious list. Especially words like the and for and with and how. I see such words in my stats too. Always thought they must be some kind of mistake because the site doesn’t rank for such keywords at all.

  28. Wow! I didn’t know adding lesbians to my keywords and content would drive so much traffic. LOL. Great list!

    Carl@Belleville Monster Invasion´s last blog post..Birth of Mothra – truth or fiction?

  29. My top search term is actually “glow in the dark contacts”. I think it’s because holloween is hear.

    daniel@glow in the dark contact lenses´s last blog post..Have You Heard Of Glow In The Dark Contacts?

  30. It just goes to show you what 90% of the internet is used for when having certain graphic keywords on your site will give you a huge boost in ranking.

  31. lol @ “disappointed perverts” and “sex with donkeys” ..hahaha

  32. yup people like the lesbians.

  33. OMG! This has to be one of the funniest posts I have ever read!! Thats it man, we are going into competition for lesbian, I have to get the keyword! What is your secret? I think your my idol now.. lol

    Locke@HowToMakeMoneyOnline´s last blog post..SEO – Keyword Optimized Backlinks!

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