How Did You Get Here?

This may seem to be a little nosy, but I have been looking at the various visitors and posters that come here and while I can probably guess in some cases, I am genuinely curious as to how my visitors come here.

Now, my reason for being here is obvious – it’s my site.  Some people I know through other sites, but I also have regular visitors and commenters that I don’t know and can’t work out what brought them here.  I’m happy that you are all here, of course, but how did you get here?

So, please post a comment to let me know your route.  Did you search for Lesbians and find that this was not the site you were looking for?  (and that is still the number one search term that brings people here.  That and donkey sex.)  Were you idly browsing and found this place?  Did your computer crash and this was the only place your browser would open?

There is nothing riding on this, I am simply curious.

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  1. I think I must have your your site by the keywordluv plugin you have. I am not 100 % sure though. Added you to my reader and there we go!

  2. So a truly random reader for a random blog 🙂 What I should have said in the post was “however you got here, glad to have you!”

  3. My landing here comes from my penchant to know more about my fellow forum posted at LQ and I clicked on your website address, or perhaps Drew’s and got to you through a link. I arrive here now when just reading your feed won’t be satisfying enough. 🙂

    MrCorey´s last blog post..Turn off the lights

  4. LOL 🙂 My feed is never satisfying enough, you have to come to the site to get the full benefit…

  5. Ray, I vaguely remember falling on my head landing here. Then I stayed 😛

    hari´s last blog post..Back to studentship

  6. I found you because I was looking for info about commentluv and wanted to decide whether or not real people would use it. I’ve read a lot of your posts and figured that since you thought it was ok it must be good for my blog. I was worried initially about the spamminess of installing it but it seems most commentors are pretty legit.

    Other than that your on all my bookmark sites and in my actaul real bookmarks because I like your writing style.

    paunchiness´s last blog post..Win an Apple® iPod® Shuffle

  7. And I thought you were talking about Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimerhelp Vic, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

    Loved those shows as a teenager and they still make me laugh.

  8. @paunchiness – not sure why, but Spam karma decided your post was spam, most odd. And yay me – hadn’t realised that I had a “writing style” but if you’ve become a fan, I must have 🙂

    As to the possibility of spam – I use Spam Karma 2 and Bad Behavior to automate the spam catching and I believe that Drew (mine host) has a few other measures at the server level. I read (but don’t always reply to) every comment and run them through my own personal algorithms (which are entirely in my head). My view is that if I’m not sure that a post is genuine and it looks like fluff, it goes in the bin, otherwise it can stay but I may remove the links. So far, so good!

  9. I got here by the Google Chrome for Linux post then add you to my reader.

    John @ Maryland Real Estate´s last blog post..Baltimore Real Estate

  10. Cool – and welcome to the site!

  11. I got here via the Do Follow, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv post at untwistedvortex.

    Pamelalala@Gastric Sleeve´s last blog post..Work should be outlawed when the weather is pretty!

  12. Good old RT 🙂

  13. Like some others, it seems, untwistedvortex was my route. Ever wonder if you’re truely out there. Well, I guess you’re ‘out there’.

  14. I didn’t search for donkey sex if that is any consolidation to you. 🙂 LOL. I think I found you through another site with a link back to here, but I can’t remember because i click on so much stuff it isn’t funny anymore. I’m glad I did though because you ask some good questions and I like people with brains.

  15. also found you through rt’s site. 🙂 and now i come here from my blogroll. 🙂

    kouji@haiku poems examples´s last blog post..haiku poem: others (time)

  16. Glad to have you here guys – I must send RT some chocolates 🙂

    Ray´s last blog post..How Did You Get Here?

  17. A friend told me about this site because he liked it, and now I like it. That is hilarious how you get traffic from those keywords, and I bet you didn’t even optimize for them. I bet the traffic isn’t very high quality, though, because once the people see there aren’t any girls here, they get mad and leave. Although I’m sure a good few stay.

  18. Yep – pretty much. Every so often I use one of those words in the post or as a tag – it gives me a small amount of evil pleasure knowing that people searching for a generic term in a search engine will come to a pretty generic site 🙂

    Of course, my regular visitors avoid that particular honeytrap 😀

    Ray´s last blog post..How Did You Get Here?

  19. I think I first found it via Dominic’s blog (…now I got here via a bookmark =)

  20. I’m astonished by the number of people who have me bookmarked.

  21. Hello Ray, recommended your blog to me! 🙂

    Norhafidz@Bali Holidays´s last blog post..Bali Holidays – Surfing Paradise

  22. Found you on a list of commentluv’s on

  23. I found your post on giving blood and just had to comment on that. Then I subscribed to your feed because I thought you had some pretty interesting posts.

  24. Looks like I need to post RT a beer for all the people who git here from his site 🙂

  25. haha i like your tags… ‘donkey sex’ 😀

  26. Maybe a little childish, but watch the clicks go through the roof!! Even funnier is that I don’t advertise here so the number of clicks doesn’t matter from an seo standpoint 🙂

  27. Hey, I found you through RT at Nice job with this blog.. subscribed and look forward to hanging out more here. 🙂

    K@winterboard themes´s last blog post..iTunes 8.0.1 Update – Mostly Bug Fixes for iPod

  28. Thanks K – by the way, you may have inadvertently hit on a way to make the site play up. I have edited your post ever so slightly to enable the page to load. It also messed up my dashboard. So, welcome to the site, you scamp you!

  29. I can’t remember how I ended up here. I don’t think I was searching for lesbians 🙂

  30. I got here from a dofollow blog list and am happy to be here! I would love to return and read about your thoughts!

  31. I found you through untwistedvortex.

    daniel @ contact lense solutions´s last blog post..Cosmetic Contacts

  32. I found your site through the untwistedvortex blog that mentioned yours.

  33. I think it was LQ. Or perhaps you found me first. 🙂

  34. A bit of column A and a bit of column B I think 🙂

  35. i got here through

    He mentioned you in one of his post. After coming here, i have so far gone through a couple of posts. Your high rankings for “lesbians” is quite interesting, i wish i had those traffics.

    London Removals´s last blog post..Moving your pets

  36. Clearly you need lesbian pets to move, or lesbian removal specialists. Oddly, no one posting here has ever identified themselves as a lesbian (and no, no one has to out themselves). I suspect they have their own sites to find pictures from 🙂

  37. The first time I came here was via the comment you left somewhere, but cant remember where. Now you are bookmarked, so I visit from time to time. I am not subscribed thought, my email is already full, I even had to unsubscribe from blogs simply because I don’t have enough time to track everyone 🙂

    Nina@cheap mattress´s last blog post..Cheap Foam Mattress

    • Good to have you here Nina. Don’t forget, email is only one way to subscribe, the RSS feed will also let you know when I have mustered up the energy to write something!

  38. Came here because I was searching on commentluv and trying to figure out how to make it work for our guitar lessons / music lessons blog.

    Do blog people have time for guitar lessons or are they too busy updating their wordpress plugins?

    Nice to see that CL picks the title from the blog. Cool.

    Feog´s last blog post..Music For The Troops – Support Operation Happy Note

  39. checking out keyword luv blogs.

    shawn@ clean red widgets´s last blog post..Clean Red Widgets On The Attack

  40. I think I came across your site via the “commentluv” plug you have

    nice looking site anyway – good luck with it 😀

    Jackie´s last blog post..American Cancer Society Launches Quitline Program in India

  41. Ok, man.. I’ll come clean, I read an article about sites that offered the KeywordLuv plugin.. I’m on a shameless backlink mission trying to pick up as much site authority as possible… Seriously tho, I am putting this blog on my subscriber list. You never know what your going to find when you go blog surfing.. the percentage of blogs I actually want to follow is so low that I get surprised when I find one that I actually like!

    Thanks for making this a great experience… Definitely coming back to Lost Address! If you want to check out some of my activites please feel free to go to the following links – Photography, Internet Marketing, Survival Preparedness

    If you have the chance I would love some feedback! Thanks!

    • There’s nothing wrong with needing and creating backlinks – especially for targeted blogs. Every single one of my successful keywording has been done entirely by accident, I really don’t have a secret to share. If you check out my “About” page, this site is just a place for me to store interesting things and things of interest. My success with lesbians (ahem) has come about because of good old Google Image Search (at lest, that’s my assumption, anyway).

      On the other hand, I do know of a place where you can share backlinks, genuinely, to the benefit of all. ConnectContent is a community where you can receive and share targeted backlinks to and from sites all over the place. It’s $12 a month (at this time of writing) but it is well worth the money – if this will help with your ad revenue, you should make your investment back easily.

  42. The truth is that I found your blog when I was looking for KeywordLuv stuff. Since then I read many of your posts. I like your blog, and going to keep reading it. Thanks!

  43. Thank you, I really need to know this before taking action. DO you do SEO?

  44. Very well written post however, I would recommend that you turn the No Follow off in your comment section.

    Keep up the good work.

    • I have KeywordLuv and CommentLuv on this site, dofollow would be a) overkill and b) an invite to spammers.

  45. I got here by snooping through the backlinks of another website. That's my hobby looking for dofollow blogs.
    My recent post Get Links with DoFollow Blogs

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