Anyone who has commented on any of my posts will be aware that I have the CommentLuv plugin enabled on this site.  And lots of thanks to RT Cunningham of Untwisted Vortex for putting me onto this plugin.  You could do a lot worse than follow his advice on building SEO for your site.

For the uninitiated, how does CommentLuv work?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  By enabling CommentLuv on your blog, the plugin uses the feedreader associated with your commenter’s blog to list their last post.  So, by commenting on someone else’s post, you get to have your own post linked to.  No extra effort and no trouble.  In fact, if a lot of us use it, we will all end up with a nice little legitimate (very important) backlink – and we all do it for each other.  It’s probably not that clear, so here’s a picture to illustrate (click the pic for larger):

An example of CommentLuv

An example of CommentLuv

Just above the moderation buttons (of which, more later), we can see a link to RT’s last post at the time he wrote that comment.  The most current post of the commenter will be listed.  So if you post once a day, and comment here once a day, every comment will link to the current comment for that day.  For very little effort, your post has gained a backlink.

Why is this a good thing?  Well, for one, you don’t have to mail me to request I backlink to you (hint: unless your blog is really cool or I visit it regularly, I’ll probably not do it) and if you see how many different people leave posts on this site, you’ll see what a timesaver it is for me!  Another plus is that instead of just getting a link to your main site, you get a link to a particular post.  So you can focus your link – if I write a post about the UK government, for example, and you have a post about the government you have gained a focused backlink that is relevant.  Since, I hope, you were going to post here anyway, a free backlink is a good thing right?  Also, unless your post looks like automated spam, I won’t remove it – you don’t need to hide your link, I’m letting you leave it.

For blog authors, those moderator buttons (see, I told you I’d get back to it) save you a little effort – rather than having to go through your dashboard to moderate comments, under each comment in the post are a set of handy buttons to allow you to edit, delete, moderate (doesn’t delete, just moves it to the moderation queue) or mark as spam any comment.

This plugin is now at version 2.1 – if you haven’t already, update your version, there are new features coming up and you’ll need to register to see all of them.


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  1. Looking good here! thanks for the write up 🙂

    Andy Bailey´s last blog post..CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

  2. No problem Andy – and that was quick, I only just finished writing the post 🙂

  3. Great script. It is always appreciated to get a little love back.

  4. Commentluv is great – I use it on a couple of my blogs – often alongside the great keywordluv

    OK, it can encourage spam, but it also encourages a lot of enthusiastic readers who love to interact with the blog and help grow it into a great community.

    Nice move I think!

  5. I love CommentLuv, but I also love KeywordLuv(which I see that you’ve added)!

    Susan@New WordPress Themes´s last blog post..WP Grey

  6. KeywordLuv and CommentLuv are great ways to get people to leave comments. In return for assisting in raising the site’s page rank, you get a main backlink and a per post backlink for no extra effort and also legitimately.

  7. CommentLuv is definitely an awesome plugin, I use it on my blog (which doesn’t suck). And I am about to trial the KeywordLuv plugin as well to see how that goes.

    Dwayne @ Probably Sucks Blog´s last blog post..Reality TV shows suck

  8. i do love this plugin. i heard one is in the works for blogger blogs, so i’m trying to watch out for that. 🙂

    kouji@haiku poems examples´s last blog post..haiku poem: help end hunger

  9. Great info – keep up the great work.

  10. Good on you for passing link love to all of us. I think these plugins are awesome. If I had a blog I would use them too but I only have a measly website. But thanks anyway and all the best to you.

    Cape Verde Real Estate´s last blog post..Access improved to Cape Verde property from this summer

  11. I love comment love.

    Paunchiness´s last blog post..Running – Day Three of Torture

  12. I think this is pretty cool, but I also feel that the mighty Google will start devaluing comment links if they have not done that already.

  13. Well, the backlinks are all legitimate – they aren’t hidden and everyone has full permission. I can’t see why they would have an issue really.

  14. At least from my experience, Google does count these backlinks. It takes a while, though- sometimes over a month for blog comments to show up as links.

    Louise@Shrimp Pasta Recipes´s last blog post..Easy Shrimp Pasta Recipe With Basil, Orzo and Feta Cheese

  15. Thanks for sharing – having tried and implemented them,I think both commentluv and keywordluv are great for bloggers and commenters and bloggers alike – Its also a great way to improve your brand too.

    Jenny@Online banking’s last post..How to open a savings account in minutes

  16. I’ve installed commentluv and no follow free on my blog and I’ve got a little contest running…

    Paunchiness´s last blog post..Win an Apple® iPod® Shuffle

  17. You know, I”ve thought about using this plugin. But after my last DoFollow plugin experience, I was more than skeptical.

    Now that I see you and RT (plus others) using it, I think I’ll give it a try and see what happens.


    Don@Affiliate Programs´s last blog post..Advanced Build A Niche Store Strategies

  18. It’s the beauty of plugins – if you don’t like it or it doesn’t do what you need, just deactivate and remove it. My belief is that since using CommentLuv, KeywordLuv, Do Follow and other RT inspired actions, my rankings have increased (which ain’t bad for an unfocused load of nonsense) and my visitor’s have increased.

  19. Thank you, for giving and not just receiving as most blogs do. I only comment on do follow sites and I leave good comments. I’m not sure what comment luv is, but I’m sure it is good from what I am reading.

  20. If you look through the comments, any comment that ends with “[name]@[website]’s last blog post: [link]” is CommentLuv. The link automatically picks up the last blog post of the commenter.

  21. I will be installing commentluv and keywordluv tonight. I am so thrilled to have found out about them!

    Audrey@best work at home offers´s last blog post..Review of Google Automatic Wealth Maker

  22. Thank you so much for the valuable information. I will surely use that.

  23. CommentLuv is a great plug-in, and it is incredibly helpful for bloggers in getting deep links. I love the blogosphere, because all the good blogs know each other. I also read Untwisted Vortex, and it’s cool seeing another blog I read talk about it.

  24. The blog community rocks and all the clever plugin writers also rock! As do the commenters!

    Ray´s last blog post..How Did You Get Here?

  25. Hey! Thanks for spreading the luv

    Terry´s last blog post..Popular green products

  26. Glad that I found your site. Thank you so much for the luv.

  27. Agreed on the cool siteness.

    I like your domain btw……somehow that strikes me as a very cool oasis in cyberspace name…

    Rich@Credit Debt´s last blog post..Going bankrupt

  28. Comment Luv rocks! What a great idea!! I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now, and decided to put it on my own wordpress blog,

  29. Well this is great plugin and it will definitely help us thanks

    Michal Overweight´s last blog post..How to Lose Weight Quickly by Calorie Counting Diet And Fat Loss Method

  30. I absolutely love Commentluv! It is so awesome! I love Keywordluv as well. They both help generate traffic and interest.

  31. I just love commentluv! Thanks for installing it! It really gets bloggers motivated!

  32. Is this safe for Google PR?

    Adi´s last blog post..Hitamku

  33. As far as I am aware, it is completely safe for PR. The links are all legitimate and none are hidden or obscured. If you use it and make sure you “do follow” (there are plugins for this), then you should be completely safe.

  34. Wow! that is really a good advice Ray! Thank you so much.

  35. Happy to be of service 🙂

  36. may I add Ray and make sure you have your anti-spam measures installed. By the way commentluv and keywordluv are perfect combo in luring commenting public. Both are really great plug-ins!

    gurlash@captivating Capiz´s last blog post..What’s Up With Captivating Capiz?

  37. I just put commentluv on my blog. I just wanted to checkout how it worked from a user’s point of view on another blog.

    LoserMan´s last blog post..Don’t Film Your TV

  38. So how are you finding it? And di you create an account on the homepage?

  39. It works pretty well. I had some issues because I registered at without a www. before my address. It was looking up my site with a www. prepended to it and failing to find my stats. It looks like it’s working well now.

    LoserMan´s last blog post..Devin Harris Taken to Metaphorical School by Well Mannered British Gent

  40. Does google like commentluv?

    Myron Tay´s last blog post..Marketing terms in the digital landscape

    • Google appears to have no issues at all with Commentluv or Keywordluv. As long as your do follow’s are in place, you’re golden.

  41. I add commentluv on my blog and it turns out really great.

  42. Thanks, a comment luv is more than enough. Its very gracious of you to offer a backlink from every comment. But dont you think you are hurting your own search engine position in the process?

  43. I want to try Comment Luv, but I’m afraid it might slow down my site?

    Stanley´s last blog post..I Predict A New ‘View’ Fight Today!

  44. Doesn’t slow down the site as far as I can see.

    Ray´s last blog post..WordPress 2.6.3

  45. CommentLuv does not slam down the site at all. It is however a great way to bring added traffic to your site and increase conversation.

  46. commenluv is surely the best plugin in link building. I suggest everyone should download the plugin. it useful. I use it a lot on my blogs. it help me increase the traffics.So if your going to use this tactic…make sure you are leaving somewhat relevant comments on niche related blogs to add value to their readers as well as generate your own traffic.

    zaki@busby seo test´s last blog post..New and Latest Busby SEO Design

  47. I know two type of comments keyword and commentluv. It was a pleasure to me to read an article about the commentluv that I want to know. Thanks for posting it. It is useful in my task today.

  48. Keyword luv is one of the best plugins anyone came up with. Comment luv is great for blogs so you get a link to the last post. You get the best of both worlds when a site like yours has both. Nice blog and great post.

  49. Indeed, this is a great plug-in. I have been using this for quite some time, and it greatly increased traffic to my site. I have noticed that there is an active interaction going on in here. Thanks Ray!!

  50. I’m currently on blogger, but the more I read about these ‘luv’ plugins the bigger the argument gets to switch to wordpress. Not ready to make the plunge yet, but it appears the day is coming.

    JCL@A Real Estate Blog Focusing on Christ, Christian Ethics, Emotional Issues and Encouragement as it Relates to Real Estate.´s last blog post..Smartkey Locks, Excellent For Landlords Who Want To Quit Calling The Locksmith

  51. From what i see both the person who comments and blog owner get something out of keyword luv and comment luv. It seems the more comments on a blog google sees it as being more active and popular while helping the people who comment with links.

    Looks like a win win for both blog owners.

    Ken@High yield savings account.´s last blog post..Hsbc online banking.

  52. Hello dear ;),
    I haven’t spammed your blog lately and I’m feeling that I should join in, so here goes.

    Your blog is interesting! Great job! I will bookmark and visit again. This sentence replaces the totally off topic thing that I should also say here, but can’t because of the combo-content in the comment.

    Nice site! I was looking for the information and I accidentally found here so I will recommend.

    Oh, and SEO busby monetization real estate consolidation debt payday loan.

    …I hope that you can dig this one out of Dr Dave’s soup. 😉

    MrCorey´s last blog post..Slow Gnome Logout?

    • The great thing about the Busby people is that a) they are polite, and b) all their URLs contain the words “busby seo challenge”. If they are trying to be cunning they are failing miserably 🙂 The previous 3 comments are all gone now.

  53. Commentluv combined with keywordluv makes a powerful combination and a win win situation for both blog owners and commentators. They, however, expose the blog to spammers even more. A simple captcha plug in can stop spammers or blackhats.

    Angel´s last blog post..The Search for KeyWordLuv Enabled Sites

    • I’m not a fan of captchas, I have a combination of plugins and reading every comment to protect against spam. Occasionally one will slip through but otherwise I’m pretty safe from them.

  54. It’s a great plugin, along with KeywordLuv.

  55. Thanks for using such a great plugin – along with KeywordLuv it makes a site look much more professional as well as rewarding contributors with a backlink as well. Lets hope its use spreads.

  56. Great write up on commentluv. I recently added it to my wordpreess blog running the thesis them and it looks great. It has increased my traffic quite a bit and fostered some excellent dialogues. Thanks to Andy B!


    Bob Denver Real Estate Guy´s last blog post..Pond Hockey at Evergreen Lake

  57. I like the fact comment luv lets people get traffic for thier latest post. This way you can get a link to any new post and some traffic with out waiting a long time for google to index that post.

  58. Do you know if these plugins will work on other platforms like Drupal? I’d love to have on my blog there.

    Charles@Las Vegas Real Estate´s last blog post..Looking at the Las Vegas Real Estate Market

  59. I love commentluv and it’s also introduced to me to new sites like yours. Which is totally cool.

    Mike´s last blog post..Do you know how many website owners don’t make money on line

  60. hehe comment luv was a good trick hehe i looked at andy bailey blogs… and it was really useful… btw your post here was good too…

  61. I like comment luv for geting links to latest post on my blog. Keyword luv is another good plugin that uses keywords for link but does not give last post.

  62. What a difference the plug in makes. you can see on nofollow blogs very few comments are made!

    • It’s all about reciprocity – you comment making my ranking higher and I link back to you. As long as the comments look vaguely legit they tend to not get removed.

  63. I dont know what will happen with this commentluv… just seems as though blogs will be commonly spammed by one tool or another. Saying this, I do like the idea…

    • You can choose not to use CommentLuv when you leave a comment. Yes, I do get spammed, but CL is only one of the reasons. Once your blog hits a backlink type site, it becomes part of the toolset for these people. This is why I read every comment and, if it looks iffy, I label it spam and disappear it. It may be that occasionally I get a real person, but spammers have no imagination and are easy to spot. CL is a great addition to your blog and means that you can offer a genuine backlink with very little effort.

  64. Hey, this is a great post. Now I know how to optimize my site. Thanks for sharing how to find dofollow blogs! 😀 Greatly appreciated.

  65. Does the blog we post to need to be around our niche in order to rank higher?

  66. I have to say that I am really impressed by it is to go through your blogand getting things rolling, this is an excellent site.

  67. Hey thanks. I just want to ask you, how do I increase RSS readers?

  68. Hi,
    thanks for this as I was facing problem regarding plugin I think it will help me.

  69. Glad to have another dofollow blog to visit!:-)
    Your blog is already doing so well so this would be more of a “thank you” to your readers, I guess.

  70. We added this great plugin about two months ago. The comment soared by about 60%… Not only that but the comments are much better as well! I am very happy with the results.

  71. WordPress has indeed come up with many clever plug-ins but none are as clever as the Keyword Luv and Comment Luv. They are terrific.

  72. CommentLuv works so well… and the way you have implemented it here is great. Nice one.

  73. I’ve been using Comment Luv and Keyword Luv and appreciate what they do for my blogging.I got some traffic thanks to comment luv and keyword luv.
    Very nice post.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  74. Thanks for the information and thanks for the sharing which is very useful for the information

  75. Hi,
    I love the commentluv.It gives us lot of traffic and gives extra link to commenter as a reward for quality comment.
    Win situation for all

  76. The thing I like about comment luv and do follow is that you can give back to those whose visits and comments are raising the profile of your own blog.

  77. Since I started using KeywordLuv and CommentLuv my traffic has increased. Unfortunately, spammer have been flooding in as well. Does anyone know what can be done to keep them at bay?

  78. Hi,
    Commentluv is great.You get link to new post and if your one of top commentors a link to main page on every page on that blog.
    Amazing plugin.
    Well thanks for sharing post.

  79. I cannot image blogging without KeywordLuv and CommentLuv plugins. I only wonder why all blogger don’t use them.

  80. Hi,
    Commentluv is the best plug-in.It gives an extra link To the commentator as reward and brings lot of traffic to blog.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  81. Hi,
    The commentluv and keywordluv are the great plug-in.They brings lot of traffics on the blog and reward the commentator by extra link and also allow the keyword in the name field.

  82. Commentluv is great. It allows us to leave our keyword in the name field.and gives an extra link as reward.

  83. Comment Luv is to Blogs as icing is to cake! Most people don’t contribute to blogs simply because they must register, wait for a confirmation e-mail to activate, then log-in, etc. and at the end of the day get nothing back for the effort. Rich anchor text in a backlink will motivate more commentary and help the blogger build subscribers and growing content from all the commentary. Everybody wins. Sad that Google support the no-follow movement IMHO.

  84. This plugin does help in search engine ranking spam. There are people who perform negative link building like promoting adult, gambling, malware etc websites. There are those who legitimately do it. Still the moderators have the true power.
    Wish you Good Luck,


  85. Hi,
    CommentLuv is a great plug-in, and it is incredibly helpful for blogger s in getting deep links.
    I have installed commentluv and no follow free on my blog and I've got a little contest running.

  86. Hi,
    CommentLuv is a great plug-in, and it is incredibly helpful for bloggers in getting deep links.
    Thanks for sharing .

  87. Hi,
    Wordpress provides us lot of useful post.I like the most is commentluv.because it brings lot of traffic to our blog.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  88. Hi,
    CommentLuv is definitely an awesome plugin, I use it on my blog and I am about to trial the KeywordLuv plugin as well to see how that goes.

  89. I am going to create a blog soon ad conduct a kind of survey on utilizing reusable bags and their recycling. KeywordLuv Plugin is what I really missed and I feel really thankful for providing.

  90. Hi,
    This is well explain article to creating back links. I
    am agree with do follow blog commenting because this is one of the fast way to get ethical back links.

  91. Hi,
    This is well explain article to creating back links. I
    am agree with do follow blog commenting because this is one of the fast way to get ethical back links.

  92. your site back link structure is an important aspect of your search engine optimization and relates to the number and quality of the sites that link to your site.hese plug in are really increase trafficon your website.

    thank you for this useful information

  93. Commentluv is great, but i really dislike spam and having machines post comments on my site, it lowers the quality but since i installed commentluv i got more unique and more quality comments on my blog =)

    And yeah thanks for joining the movement =)

  94. Me too luv the commentluv and luv that you are spreading it

  95. great post – spread love

  96. gooooood morning keep it up good job and thanks

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