Schrödinger's Pants

Schrödinger’s Cat: A cat, along with a flask containing a poison, is placed in a sealed box Box itten is Amusedshielded against environmentally induced quantum decoherence. The flask is shattered, releasing the poison, if a Geiger counter detects radiation. Quantum mechanics suggests that after a while the cat is simultaneously alive and dead, in a quantum superposition of coexisting alive and dead states. Yet when we look in the box we expect to see the cat either alive or dead, not in a mixture of alive and dead.

I’m working at home this week and probably next week. Which means that I am simultaneously in a state of either wearing pants or not wearing pants. So if anyone phones me, remember that I may be answering in a serious tone of voice, but I may not be properly dressed.


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  1. Profound and appropriate. I’ll consider myself warned (that is, if I search out your phone number and actually get the right one. LOL)

  2. Existing in a state of pants and pantsless is very liberating and I would advise everyone to do it at least once.

    Rays last blog post..Schrödinger’s Pants

  3. Hilarious! I work from home every day, so I guess I’m in this profound predicament a lot. But I try to be nice to my wife and at least wear shorts. 🙂

    Andrew@Fredericksburg Attorneys last blog post..Nationwide Trademark Protection

  4. Ah, but people on the end of the phone or email don’t know that. I may have tapped into a new psychological ploy – the theory of pantslessness. Could be an interesting negotiating tactic…..

    Rays last blog post..Schrödinger’s Pants

  5. Great post,
    The cat coming out the box looks like a zombie kitten. beware of the feline!..just kidding ^_^

  6. Well, he was in the simultaneous state of being both dead and alive…..

  7. How can something be alive and dead at the same time? It just doesn’t make any sense!

  8. Up until you actually open the box and look at the cat, it’s in an uncertain state – because you don’t know, it becomes both. Only when you observe the cat can you know which state it’s actually in.

  9. Or, by decoherence, universes where the cat is alive and universes where the cat is dead exist in superposition, and there’s no way any particular instance of you can know whether you are in one of the universes with a dead cat or a live one.

    I just celebrated No Pants Day last month. Maybe this should be a weekly holiday.

    Tiger Lily@Best Way To Lose Belly Fats last blog post..Foods That Help You Lose Weight

  10. But when the waveform collapses and certainty is re-established, how can you be sure that any pants you may end up wearing will be yours?

    Or even fit

    Brent Diggs@Brent Diggss last blog post..Aromatic Audio Offering

  11. **Sensei Alert!!*

    ray@place of stuffs last blog post..Slackware vs Kubuntu: A Subjective Review

  12. hahaha! you’re so funny Ray.

  13. Wow Ray, haven’t been here for couple of months and now you sounded raunchy. What have I been missing? lol.

    ods last blog post..The Website is Down: Sales Guy vs Web Dude.

  14. This is now a Gentlemen’s Club (with a saloon bar for the ladies) where we can sit in our leather chairs and smoke cigars and drink brandy and read certain publications aimed at the more mature audience.

  15. Such a cute cat. I think you are too relaxed at home my friend, although the same applies to me somewhat hehe!

    MarketingDeviants last blog post..Borrow Passage to Destroy Guo

  16. Wow! I wish I had a Cat like that! so cute. Thank you so much for the post.

  17. Both my husband and I work from home several days a week and somehow, he seems to be in his underwear most of the time! Needless to say, I have to answer the door.

    Louise@Crab Meat Recipess last blog post..Paula Dean’s Imitation Crab Meat Stuffed Mushrooms En Croute

  18. But people who phone or email don’t know for sure!

  19. Wow, one of the advantages of working from home. You don’t need to dress up! Ask us who have to lug to offices everyday. This is one big thing we miss.

  20. That cat thing made my head hurt!
    I tell ya, I can agree that that’s the loss that we take from working at the office, but various clothes are the first thing to come off when I come home. If I could get another cubicle wall, I wouldn’t need to wait 😉

  21. That cat may be smiling, but it’s only because he doesn’t realize that as soon as I look away he’s half dead.

  22. It is so cuteeeeee :p

  23. That cat is really amazing! so cute!!!!

  24. I love the cat picture! so cute and kinda funny.

  25. Very interesting indeed. Quantum mechanics is truly amazing

  26. Poor kittie – let’s rescue him.

  27. What is the crazy attraction to internet marketers to your blog. Everyone here is looking for a little keyword love. So to make sure i’m not missing out on something I’m joining in too.

    How’s that for being totally irrelevant.

  28. I think I got added to some feed or other. Ah well, more people to read this rubbish!

  29. Ohhh! so sad for Kitty! Is there anything we can do to help the kitty! Lol!

  30. Ha- that’s awesome, I may have to try that out someday.

  31. “the theory of pantslessness” – i’ll have to use that one the next time my fiance moans at me for sitting around half naked. lol

    Nick@medical negligence claims’s last blog post..Medical Negligence Claims

  32. This is a public service blog, if nothing else 😉

  33. Even after reading what the blog title says (making our stupidity help you), I wonder how so many are willing to try ideas like this!

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