A New Adventure!

Another short post!  I have begun looking for a new job.  Nothing against my current employer, I just need a change after almost 10 years.  My search is UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

My CV is up to date and neat and tidy and my hair is combed.  Not really wanting to quit my job without a safety net really.  Achieving goals for my present employer is what I’m all about.  Now I just need someone to offer me an interview……

Anyway, wish me luck.


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  1. Good luck! 🙂

    I’ve recently become employed full-time myself.

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  2. Good for you Hari – what are you doing and for whom?

  3. One piece of advice Ray, if you want to work in the U.S., wait until after the November elections. You might not consider the U.S. a good place to live and work if McCain gets into office. 😉

    As for you Hari, congrats.

  4. True, but aside from hope and change and not being in favour of the war in Iraq, I’m not entirely sure what Obama is going to do. That said, I hope a change is as good as a rest – for both me and the US! 🙂

  5. Well, I always say when it comes to politics and voting, you’re voting for the best of the worst. At least Obama is trying to shake things up, doesn’t support lobbyist who actually run this country and supports withdrawing from our bogus war. Plus his IQ is probably a good 100 points over McCain and he doesn’t seem to say stupid things like McCain does. McCain = 3rd Bush Term.

  6. Well yes, the Democrats do seem to favour people who have an IQ above that of a glass of water….

  7. Ray, I’ve started working for a mobile applications software development company (PDA apps). The workplace is very close to my house. I can walk to and from work in around 10 minutes. The only disadvantage from my point of view is that they use Microsoft .NET platform and Java which I’m not totally familiar with having been steeped in Linux for around 7-8 years now…

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  8. Ah, but you have your foot in the door and you can program. ESR reckons that a fluency in one language is translatable to others. Congrats again.

  9. Full time jobs are great. You get things like salaries, benefits, and paid vacations. That’s the good life.

  10. Don’t forget the pension!

  11. Pension? That seems to be sort of obsolete here in the States nowadays. I don’t think any of my jobs provided some type of pension.

  12. Most of ours do – the joys of a partly socialist country 🙂

  13. Hmm… I don’t even know what country you’re in now and I’m supposed to wish you luck? Hehe… good luck.

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  14. I am posting from god’s own country – the UK 🙂

  15. Hari,

    Cool about job and walking distance. I wish my employer was walking distance. But don’t fall into becoming a Java developer unless you want to end up being hated by all the sysadmin’s of the world. Do it at your job but please continue to program other things outside of Java when you’re away from work. 😉

  16. being familiar with that kind of work should make it easy for you find a new job in a timley manner. those types of skills are always in high demand.

  17. Drew,

    I’m not into programming so far. I don’t know whether my job will involve programming full-time at all, as of now and I’m hopeful that it won’t be.

    haris last blog post..Linux games I want to try out

  18. Mt new adventure had me walking into amy boss and handing in a resignation to become a full time work at home guy, so far Im loving not answering to morons each day

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  19. That sounds like the ideal job to me!

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  20. New Zealand is a great place to live lifestyle-wise. I’ve just bought a house there, after spending a year in the UK. Job-wise the money isn’t great down here though.

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  21. Well, NZ wins out by not being the UK though 🙂

  22. I love New Zealand! it is a perfect place to live and I can’t wait to be there.

  23. Always wanted to live or visit New Zealand and Austrailia

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  24. New Zealand is such a great place. I wish I could be there this summer.

  25. Best of luck in your job search, what kind of job are you looking for?

  26. At the moment I’m just looking at Service Delivery roles, may expand the search at some point in the future. I understand the role of Master of the Universe is vacant right now…..

  27. Perhaps the position has been filled, and they are so good at their job, you don’t even know it’s there.

  28. This is the sort of thing I was thinking of.

  29. UK, US, Australia or New Zealand!? What fabulous places! Good look job hunting! Please let us know how it goes!

  30. New Zealand is the most fabulous place. I’ve been there before.

  31. I’ve only seen New Zealand in the picture. No Idea how pretty it is.

  32. It is very pretty! feels like you are in the Paradise.

  33. hehe pretty funny:D

  34. It’s almost been two months.. How did the job hunt go? Update please! 🙂

  35. So it has! Pretty poorly at the moment – I’m still catching up at work and my energy levels are dropping….

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  36. Good luck on your ventures.

  37. Hope your job search is going well. It’s kind of a bad market – at least here in the states.

  38. I hope you found something you like. I’m looking for a new job too!

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  39. Hey Good luck for your new adventure! I hope you got a new job. Have nice future.

  40. I feel Australia and New zealand will be a nice place to work in. Good luck to you.

  41. New Zealand would be good place to get a job. There are many good online websites where you can look for jobs.

  42. I have never been out of my country. But if I gets an opportunity I would definitely like to visit some beautiful places around the world.

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