A Few Random Jottings

None of these things is worth a full post on it’s own. So here are some random thoughts:

  • Recycling – until the council forced us to seperate our rubbish out I had thought that a collection every two weeks wasn’t enough. Now I realise that 75% of our rubbish is paper/cardboard so two weeks seems about right.
  • Do we trust computers too much? I rarely check my receipts because I trust the counting and arithmetic skills of the cash till. Would anyone notice if the supermarket added in one more item? And how much would that get them in profit if they did it to everyone?
  • Why is it that with hundreds of channels to choose from, I find that I watch less and less TV? And why is so much of it absolute crap reality TV? (rhetorical)
  • Why can’t trains in this country be adequately cooled in hot weather? Going from a pleasant summer breeze to a sauna in a suit is unpleasant.
  • Why do people walk so bloody slowly and randomly when i want to get from A to B?
  • What goes up a chimney down, but can’t go down a chimney up?

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  1. A few more thoughts:
    – Why do elevators go more slowly when we have to be up quickly?
    – Why do we always notice that we have run out of toilet paper when it is too late…

    Well the answer might be that we just do not notice or remember the countless times when everything has run well, as we expect it to be so. We only remember when something has gone wrongly…

    just my 2 cents


  2. I prefer to think that the world is against me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rays last blog post..A Few Random Jottings

  3. Receipts, good point. I don’t usually check them but my wife does, mostly when we get groceries as that’s probably the only time when you have more than 10 items to pay for so it’s a longer list.

    I probably would have never noticed but she checks them everytime and probably about 4-5 times we’ve caught where they accidentally scanned an item twice, one time an item got rung up 3 times.

  4. For that receipts thing, I highly doubt a company could get away with that, or even try to risk it. If they got caught on that, it would destroy their reputation.

  5. I agree, but we should still check. I know I’ve had a few go through without being scanned and have managed to come home with some things missing. Just saying….

  6. heres one of those things that ive always noticed – Whenever i walk in to a food place theres always a line i have to wait in. but whenver im done eating, the line always seems to have disappeared. i hate that ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I've noticed that when I'm travelling by car, the opposite direction traffic always seems less than the lane I'm going in.

    Of course the opposite happens on a few occasions, but happens very rarely indeed.

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  8. Yeah I agree with you but you don’t have to worry because like what you said it is very rare.

  9. In terms of recycling we don’t even produce enough rubbish for a weekly collection because of the amount of recycling we do.

    I also think that people trust computers too much, they don’t realize that they are only as good as the people who made them!

    I hardly watch TV any more. Doesn’t seem like much point, they are usually repeats of repeats of repeats anyway.

    And lastly, an umbrella of course!

  10. I usually always try to check my receipts, you can say computers have their problems but I catch a lot of human errors on billing and other things.

  11. I’ll tell you… I do think I trust the computer way too much. I have never done checking or book checking I should say. However you say that…. I have always done online banking, so I haven’t ever done a check and balance like people used to do. I just log in to my banking, and check to see if there is any strange transactions, etc.

  12. Wow! what a nice method. Thank’s Jean. I should try that.

  13. I should try that too.

  14. I should also check my account more often. I tend to thrust computers. I think they are to be thrusted. but as a programmer, I sure know that one should not trust the programmers ๐Ÿ™‚


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  15. The world is in a plot against us and we are just toys of the system.

  16. That is a good list of thoughts. You should be getting a recycling collection more than once every two weeks! I know in camden they do a once weekly refuse and twice weekly recycling collection.

    …and why do people walk so slowly when we want to get from A-B?!?

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