What Do You Blog About (And Why?)

We're Going To Need More MonkeysFeel free to emphasise any of the words in the title.

No, this isn’t another “Seinfeld post“, at least, I hope that’s not how it comes out. Firstly, an apology: I do not consider myself qualified to write about blogging, beyond putting down my own experiences. If you are interested in the mechanics, there are far better sites out there who can talk knowledgeably about SEO and link farming (or pharming) and the best ways to get your blog seen by readers, some of them are on my Links page and others are not. Seriously. I think my all time highest view count was 200 and my most searched terms are “lesbians” and “donkey sex”. So please, get your blogging advice elsewhere.

OK, caveat over with. Anyone who may read this site will realise, ever so quickly, that it is totally random. It really is a place for me to just drop whatever is in my head onto the page. I have never hidden this and, in fact, take a sort of perverse pride in it. It also accounts for the fact that updates are only semi regular and ideas I say I’ll come back to I never do. But, recent posts on Untwisted Vortex made me think a little more about what I write about and about what others write. In particular, this post. And, by the way, if it looks as though I’m providing a load of links to one site then don’t worry – that site has a lot of good ideas and I read it every day, so it’s only natural that it will be on my mind.

I write about things that interest me. I flit from idea to idea as things pop into my head or as I notice them. However, there is a certain self-censorship which kicks in. I’ll happily talk about what irritates me, what excites me. I’ll talk about my religious preferences (atheist), my political preferences (moderate, which a healthy cynicism), my reading habits, my viewing habits, my computer knowledge (small) and preferences, even my birthday. I do this because I think I may have something to say about it and because I can do it without revealing too much information about myself. Beyond mentioning that work was busy/frustrating/fun/etc I don’t talk about it – mainly because that could get me sacked and I enjoy being paid. But also because I like that there is a certain anonymity on the web. And I am happy with that state of affairs. I reveal a little about me, but nothing I would be unhappy talking to a relative stranger about.

Others will talk in more depth about their home and work lives, some will pretty much revel in it and will reveal all sorts of things about themselves and about their families. I find that very strange – but please don’t think that any criticism should be implied, it’s their blog and they should be free to write whatever they want to. However, I find it strange because of “internet detectives“. With seemingly little information, people with lots of time and a high speed connection will use their anti-socialness and natural nosiness to find out all sorts of things about you. We all, I hope, live blameless lives and don’t have anything to worry about. But do you want the internet knowing where you live?

Sorry, I wandered off the point a little. With the links so far provided, we have seen people write blogs about blogging (among other things). There are many many single focus, niche, blogs out there – the owner has a particular subject that they know something about and want to let us know about it. Which is good, because otherwise I’d know less than I do now! There is a vast amount of data on the internet and someone, somewhere, is prepared to add to it – whether by following on from someone else’s work or by starting something completely new. There are even, thankfully, people who aim to mock the sites that do these things to bring light hearted relief (there are others who do it spitefully, but let’s ignore those). When you open a blog or site, you don’t know how popular (or otherwise) it may be, but someone has spent time writing things down that they believe at least one other person will want to read about.

So the question is: what do you blog about (and why)?

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  1. Thanks for the link loving, you link loving fool. πŸ™‚

    Regardless of what you write and how often you do it, just remember you have a unique point of view that isn’t shared by others and that’s why you get visitors in the first place.

    RT Cunninghams last blog post..Producing Quality Versus Quantity

  2. While I’m here… I noticed you have CommentLuv and KeywordLuv installed, but do you follow? If you do, which plugin? If you follow, I’d like to add you to my list.

  3. I blog about whatever. My life, my website. However, I like to blog about things that could be useful or entertaining, especially if it’s a topic I haven’t found a lot about on the web. My blog might turn into a bit of a teacher’s blog in the next few years, but hey, it’s mine. πŸ™‚

    I’m careful to not reveal too much publicly, such as my address, lat/long coordinates, last name or other identifying details. Of course, some of that is on facebook, but that’s a bit more locked down.

    titanium@the booniess last blog post..beanbags!

  4. I think the name gives me away. I blog about movies. I get soem celebrity interviews but what I want to build is a place to find indy film makers the world has not heard of and help them get their movies out to people. I won’t push just any one they have to be good be able to prove it with their stuff.

    My other Blog under a different name is where I let my ADD do the writing and posts are just my random ramblings about the woerd things that happen in my life.

    I love writing both and I am not in this to make money. I do it because I love doing it.

    The Movie Whores last blog post..The key players for making a good movie

  5. Thanks all

    @RT – I realised late lst night that I don’t follow. As it was about midnight when I realised I’m leaving the follow plugin until tonight πŸ™‚ I’ll post to your post when I install.

    @Titanium – teacher’s blogs are always useful, even if it’s only to other teachers. Exchanging different methods, techniques and moans among any group of professionals is good. If only so you know you’re not alone!

    @TMW – a niche blog! Welcome to the site. I have a very mild case of envy for anyone who can start a niche blog and stick with it. My thoughts are usually all over the place so kudos for sticking to a subject πŸ™‚

    Rays last blog post..What Do You Blog About (And Why?)

  6. Thanks Ray. It is has been a lot of things going right for me and a lot of support from a lot of people.

    The Movie Whores last blog post..The key players for making a good movie

  7. I have a blog cause I really don’t have anything else to put on my site. Mine is like Ray’s, kind of just random crap. Although I do have my Indie music blog which I was on a roll until the new job.

  8. I got you covered, Ray, as soon as I get to that page.

    RT Cunningham@building backlinkss last blog post..Make Retarded Search Engines Work For You

  9. I’m a lot like you I blog about everything and anything that seems to be on my mind at the time. I do often wonder why people put so much personal information on their blogs, not just for internet detectives but there are some serious whacko’s out there.

  10. Well, most don’t realize if you own your own domain and didn’t opt for the private registration, anyone who can run whois can get your personal information. So it’s not really a matter of protecting and concealing your info on your blog, your registration of your domain provides all of that info already for you. πŸ˜‰

  11. Hi Toolman – as Drew says, there is a chunk of info out there that can be tied to you fairly easily. But my concern is that people who mention how many kids they have/their ages/family habits/etc tend to give out that little bit too much info – if you really wanted to stalk someone, people are making it easy to make their own lives hell!

    Rays last blog post..What Do You Blog About (And Why?)

  12. Yeah, my address and name I’m not worried about. Anyone can find that information publicly available or for a small fee. Hell, if I wanted for little amount of money, I could find out your SSN, Banking Info, Address, Previous Addresses and a slew of other things. It’s not really that hard nowadays. I could even pay to get your criminal background. Most people aren’t aware that people can find out more about them than they know about themselves.. πŸ˜‰

    So it’s not so much these things to hide but little personal things about your life that aren’t recorded. Simply having a blog, you’re expressing and giving away your personal life bit by bit, unless you strictly stick to one topic and only express your opinion on such topic, not giving away too much personal details with it.

  13. I mean, let’s take Ray’s blog for example. He doesn’t provide much family details, names of family, etc. But what he does do is provide links to books he reads, opinions on other topics, etc. What could you do with such info? Well, pay the fee, get all his personal info and you have a hint of his lifestyle as well, just from his blog. I’m not saying I’d want to steal Ray’s identity but blogs and social network sites just make it that much easier. Plus he’s a Gnome lover so that alone wouldn’t make me steal his identity.

    Honestly, identity theft today is easy, along with learning about other people of what they have online. Having such things online just makes it that much easier. Think of it like computer security, the only secure computer is one that is unplugged from the world. Don’t want people to know you, don’t connect and live like it’s the 70’s or 80’s again. πŸ˜‰

  14. Don’t take my identity, it’s a bit crap, to be honest. I’m actually on the look out for a different identity – one with more money and time off πŸ™‚

    There is no real safety from identity theft any more – anyone with a phone book, a bit of money and the time to do it can find out all sorts of things. It’s the personal aspect that I have been more wary of – if I say that I’m going away for a fortnight and I’m careless, anyone will know when my house is empty. Or they’ll know where I work, or family details. Stalking has never been easier!!

    Rays last blog post..What Do You Blog About (And Why?)

  15. Don’t worry Ray, I won’t tell anyone when you go on vacation.. πŸ˜‰

  16. I really haven’t gotten a blog yet. I mean…I would like to, but I guess I don’t find my life interesting enough.

  17. I’m not so worry about people knowing who I am as much as I worry about crap my wife or kids do on the internet. I had to teach my daughter a hard lesson about myspace and all the info I found out about her and her friends just by reading their chat. Scared her to death when she realized how much of her daily life she put out infront of others. If someone stole my identity and got a look at the credit report they’d pay me to take it back πŸ™‚

  18. The joys of being both and adult and a parent! When I was a teenager, I thought everything was of the importance. Now I realise what an idiot I was πŸ™‚

  19. I write random stuff, though my tag cloud shows that I rant a lot lately..

    ods last blog post..Advertisment: Best friend wanted.

  20. Nothing wrong with randomness or with ranting. If it weren’t for that, I’d have even less to write about πŸ™‚

    ray@place of stuffs last blog post..Woopra – Website Analytics

  21. Hehehehheehe.

    ods last blog post..Advertisment: Best friend wanted.

  22. I’ve started bloggin a lot about buddhist and yogic stuff. I find that makes me happy and keeps me sane while i’m doing the wordpress thing like eight hours a day.

    That said, my friend is right now blogging about finding a niche from where you’re sitting for our new site . Too funny as we’re sitting on his balcony looking out over the pacific from bright and beautiful Vancouver BC. But i bet this is a cool idea even if you’re sitting in a dank basement or something.

    Tara Nigmas last blog post..Free Paranormal Chat Rooms and a Lively Community, Check out Anybodythere.net

  23. That is a fantastic view. I need to move somewhere far far away……

  24. well, i always say that i’m going to create a blog, but i never do. For some reason i don’t think many people would be reading it even if i did create one…lol

  25. It depends on what you want to get out of it really. If you want to make money and get loads of readers have alook at http://www.untwistedvortex.com to get ideas. If you just want to do like I did and just put out whatever is in your head, there’s no reason not to!

  26. Love the monkeys! I agree about Twisted Vortex – has some good info.


  27. I blog just about everything – personal, finance, pets. My purpose honestly is to earn from these blog. Really, I consider blogging as more of a challenge of seeing myself successful on this endeavor in the future. If others can do really well on this field, I am positive that I can also do it.

    Ernesto@Opt in email marketing´s last blog post..Opt in List – Properly Use it for Your Subscriber’s Sake

  28. I know that many blogs are more about specific subject – they take it to a deeper level. Some blogs are more about many subjects. I think that it is more about the Blogger himself – what is right for him. Personally, I feel better about going deeper on specific subject. Thanks for the post.

  29. Generally I blog about things that interest me… I try to focus on a niche, learn everything I can about it (making me an expert of sorts) then move on to a new one.. It never hurts to be a jack of all trades!

    Locke@How to Get Rich´s last blog post..What is the Google Sandbox?

  30. I find that very strange – but please don’t think that any criticism should be implied, it’s their blog and they should be free to write whatever they want to.

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