Comment King – Again

for week commencing 12 AprilWell, to all those naysayers, I say blerrt. Yet again I am the Comment King for Untwisted Vortex.

Thanks RT, wonder if I can make it three times?? 🙂


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  1. I think Ray needs more work at his job. I’m callin up his boss now to tell him to assign Ray more tasks. 😉

  2. Come to think of it, he should have been commenting on our blogs as well, Drew. 😛

    hari’s last blog post..Writing a mencoder front-end in Python/Tkinter

  3. I have 2 days off work now, which rocks. And I did comment on your blog Hari – I’m not the Comment King for nothing you know!

  4. With new job, I’m not sure when the next post of mine will go up. Could be a very long time.

  5. You should tell your boss that the internet says he has to let you kick back once in a while.

    So sayeth THE COMMENT KING!!

  6. My boss replied and said the COMMENT KING needs to talk less and work more.. 😉

  7. Hah – the COMMENT KING is on 2 days annual leave now, so your boss needs to let you have more blogging time.

  8. What’s all this silliness about? I can’t say whether you’ll make it a 3rd time or not, Ray. I can’t even stay connected long enough to go through my comments today. This is my 2nd try to get this comment posted. 😦

    RT Cunningham’s last blog post..Building Backlinks with Blogs that Do Follow, not No Follow

  9. Nice to know that you won the contest, congrats again.

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