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While having a quick look at my dashboard, I noticed that WordPress has now released version 2.5.  And they’ve made a load of changes to it under the hood.  These changes can all be found by going to the WordPress.org development blog.

If you wish to install it, go to the download area and do what comes naturally.  From my point of view, a few things that appeared broken on my blog are now fixed: I can use the pop up to insert links again and activating plugins no longer horribly leaves me unable to use the dashboard.

You won’t see much change on the blog itself, but the dashboard appears to me to be a little tidier and more intuitive.


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  1. I love the dropdown idea. Also the sidebar looks better now. Just the Tags look a bit messy.

    By the way, I’m now doing custom b2evolution skin design and porting WP skins to b2evolution for a fee. Take a look at the b2evolution.net news. They’re looking for volunteers and Francois is willing to pay people for porting WP skins. 🙂

    hari’s last blog post..CGI scripts have always mystified me

  2. Thanks Hari. I’ve never really been 100% enamoured of the tag cloud, it may disappear at a later date.

    Great news about the porting gig.

  3. Yeah, I’m not a fan of tags or tag clouds. I just get the feeling they’re trying to be glamorous category links, which most already have on their site.

  4. They’re useful for extra categorising, if you want to expand beyond a short number of categories. They’re also a little freer – often I’ll tag a post with a fairly unique tag and may never use it again – a category would be wasted. And apparently they’re useful for your SEO. Not that it matters much for this site, it’s not a money making site and I don’t expect it to ever be. Nor want it to be.

  5. Erms. I like the tag cloud. Quick glimpse will give a lil idea on what your blog is all about.

    od’s last blog post..If you?re sleepy, just sleep, don’t do your work.

  6. That’s true od, but at the same time, it’s a bit of a mess. Even when the tag clouds were first mooted I thought it was an ugly solution, but it’s the best we have I suppose.

  7. Yea, kinda messy, but I like it haha. I think I just fancy the font sizes 😛

    od’s last blog post..If you?re sleepy, just sleep, don’t do your work.

  8. Just wanted to add that make sure you delete all the files and folders that they say to delete in the instructions. I thought it would be okay to just overwrite them and I had a host of problems when I upgraded to 2.5.1

  9. Good point Bob. I fell foul of that once – never again!!

  10. woohoo, WP has been due for an update @_@

  11. I’m expecting a point release in a few months 🙂

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