Trust Issues

As you all know, I’m a fan of Judge Judy (incidentally, if you want to see the show, go to YouTube and look up the contributors HappySpaceHopper and Gegan). One of the main closing comments from the defendants and plaintiffs tends to be “don’t trust anybody”. Usually a ridiculous statement if you watch their cases.

This brings me onto a more local issue for me – politics. Our local council elections are coming up soon and this has brought the muppets out of the woodwork. Our current Labour councillors are a total joke. Once they were elected they disappeared and didn’t bother us again. And now we have the hopefuls. The Labour bods won’t bother coming round, they think they are a shoo in (since my area is traditionally Labour, they’re probably right). The Tories popped round and got sent away (incidentally, the local council newbie, Jean Shippam, keeps putting out newsletters to show how committed she is – Google for “”jean shippam” dartford” to see the level of this dedication – I suspect I’ll be the other hit once this is posted. I’m most annoyed by her “concerned citizen” persona, when in fact she is angling to be the local Tory councillor. I’m not expecting a new era of honesty if she gets in) and then I had the English Democrats round. The English Democrats are trying to be an acceptable BNP. Enough said about that.

All we’re missing are the Greens, the Lib Dems and the various independent and small parties and the cast will be complete. Where on earth is the late Screaming Lord Sutch when you really need him?


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