Slight (Site) Changes

In the continuing spirit of openness, I thought I’d let you know of two (2) recent changes I made. Recent as in within the last hour.

The first is very obvious, you will see it as you enter the site: I have joined the ever growing ranks of people who make it easy to add stuff to social bookmarking sites. You will now see the “Share This” icon at the bottom of every post. And it looks like this: Share This Icon

I got this via the WordPress dashboard and from Alex King’s site. Simple to add and customise and it has a number of sites you can link to. If any social bookmarking site you use isn’t on there, leave a comment to let me know and I’ll see if it can be added.

Secondly, I added the Blog Voyeur plugin. This let’s me know what my visitor’s are looking at when they visit. There is a good reason for doing this – lately I have been getting a number of visitor’s who seem to have done an image search for this image. I have no real reason to assume that there is any problem with this, apart from massive paranoia, but I just want to see what’s going on. The plugin works using the cookies on your browser, so feel free to delete them after you visit if you feel a wee bit nervous about this.

And that’s it for this update. 2 (two) plugins added and otherwise everything is pretty much as it was. More posting to follow at some point…..


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  1. It’s very slow to load.

  2. Really? I hadn’t noticed a slowdown on my end.

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