I’m currently fiddling with Gravatars. So you will see either a picture of a face or a picture of the favicon of this site (the little box) while I figure out how to do it right. To clarify, you will only ever see the favicon if you don’t have your own Gravatar or if it breaks somehow. My Gravatar comes from the BBC series Life on Mars (the Camberwick Green episode) because it looks a bit like me. – the first 5 minutes of the show.

On the comments page it works, so you should see what is supposed to be there. If I get fed up and stuck, I’ll disable them on the main page – I’m not totally convinced they’re needed on the front page because I’m the only author. …………..Decided to go without them on the front page, so you will only see them on the comments page.


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  1. I had always liked Gravatars – enough to start a Wikipedia entry on them. But, with the slowness of the old site, I couldn’t justify adding the code just to slow my site down. I might re-enable them soon. I’ll follow your progress.

  2. They seem quicker on the comments page than on the main page, which is another reason I haven’t bothered on the main page.

    They aren’t mega-important, they’re just a nice piece of eye-candy.

  3. How do you get gravatars, by the way?

  4. Go to and sign up, then you need a plugin…..

  5. You’ll have to provide the image, of course (which can make it really fun!)

  6. I had them on my site too but I got rid of them after a WordPress upgrade.

    Hmm… I can’t even remember what I set as my Gravatar! Oh well, time to find out. 8)

  7. You appear not to have one….

  8. And now there’s a fresh new image for anyone without their own gravatar 😆

  9. I feel I remember I had one… we’ll see, eh?

  10. well, I should have one!

  11. I see gravatars 🙂

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