I love watching decent, well-written fantasy films. As a fan of Neil Gaiman‘s work, I was very excited to see the book “Stardust” translated to silver screen. And I have just returned from watching the film Stardust at my local cinema.

The film is rated, accurately in my opinion, as PG. There is mild peril, no bad language and lots of romance. This is a really magical film; a real fairy tale with good guys, bad guys, a damsel in distress and some wicked witches. Oh, and a destiny unrealised.

There is some excellent acting: Michelle Pfeiffer plays a wizened wicked witch, Robert De Niro plays a sky captain who is on a ship harvesting lightning (and puts in a wonderful performance). I hadn’t realised what an expressive face Claire Danes, the female lead, has. The romance is realistic and never tacky – take your other half, take your kids, there really is something for everyone in this film.

There are loads of British actors and comedy actors in this film, it can get a little distracting at times as you try to wrack your brains to work out who is which character, but in the end this enchanting film stands on it’s own.


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  1. mmm… stardust. I’ve been wanting to get to the movies to see this, and now you’ve given me a good reminder. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Don’t forget to read the book too! The film is wonderful, but the book has more detail.

  3. I watched this one with my wife last weekend. I was anticipating this one as well, as Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Robert De Niro are some of my favorite actors. This story was just far fetched enough to take you away from the grind of life but not so far off that you became incredulous at what you saw. Great story and great actor choices.

  4. I think it’s probably the best version they could have brought out of the book. They managed to pare it down to the important bits and kept the feel of the book/world consistent.

  5. As the post is a year old I guess I will have to rent the DVD. So thats saturday evening sorted. Kids off to Grandma, a bottle of wine and watch dvd with the wife.

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