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If you browse through my Links page, clicking merrily away, you will have seen that I link to Yirmumah – a funny site, you should read it – by D J Coffman. For a few years now he has been publishing his strips in book format and selling them to readers around the world. Well, he is now able to offer them free for downloading. At least, you can download them if you live in the US.

Wowio is a site where you can download 3 books per day in pdf format. These books are sponsored and the author (or their estate) gets money per download. They have comic books, fiction, nonfiction and a variety of other books. And the price is right. So if you would like to enable lesser known and better known creators to get money when you click that mouse button, this is a worthwhile site. It’s easy to navigate and pretty well laid out.

The books download to your hard drive and you can then read them at your leisure whether on your PC or laptop or PDA device. As the help page states:

Does WOWIO use any kind of digital rights management (DRM)?
Since anyone can defeat the most “sophisticated” DRM with the print screen button, we believe that technology-based DRM is essentially a fraud. Our approach takes the market incentive out of misbehaving, rewards people for doing the right thing, and tries to stay out of the way of honest users. To help keep everyone honest, however, readers must authenticate their identity and agree to a licensing agreement when they set up their account. Then, each ebook is serialized with the reader’s authenticated name and a unique serial number, as well as other less visible markers. WOWIO will immediately terminate the account of anyone caught illegally distributing ebooks, and will prosecute serious offenders.

So these books are easy to obtain, easy to read and available for the price of a download. So, if you live in the US, there is no real reason not to use the service is there?

Please note: while this is a plug for Wowio, I am not getting paid for it in any way, shape or form.


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  1. Yirmumah is FANTASTIC!

    May I also (not particularly humbly) recommend ELF-HELP as well?

  2. Yes, you certainly can 🙂

  3. I might have to check it out. This is also a test after the server upgrade.

  4. Wowio is a good resource and gives something back to the authors. Maybe the shape of things to come?

    And the site works marvellously, thanks Drew 🙂

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