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Now here’s a convoluted way of getting a plugin. I was looking through Hari’s blog, the blogroll in particular and followed a link to a post on R T Cunningham’s blog. Browsing around there, I noticed he had a plugin applied which gave similar posts in a list. Which reminded me that the latest upgrade of WordPress broke the version of the same plugin that I was using and I have to deactivate it.

So, I went back to the plugin site and noticed that there was a new version out. I downloaded it and installed it and added the relevant code to my single.php file and lo! the plugin works and I now have a list of similar posts again. So, thanks to RT for jogging my memory and thanks to Rob Marsh for an excellent plugin!

In other news, you may also notice that I have added, again, Browser Sniff which tells the world which browser and OS you used while posting a comment to this site. It wasn’t working (or I forgot and didn’t reuse it after an upgrade) and it works perfectly under WP 2.3. So thank you to Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo for this plugin.

So there you go, a maintenance post about some maintenance on the site, albeit with stacks of links. Check the contract, I never promised you a roller coaster ride of excitement. I may have implied it, but never promised it.


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  1. You may want to edit your post. You have em opening and closing tags visible.

  2. So I do. And I thought I was good at proof reading!

    Thanks RT

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