No Reason At All

There is absolutely no reason for this particular entry. No reason at all.

If this makes less sense than usual, unblock in your adblocker or flashblocker.

Click the “more” link to see what this is or is not about.


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  1. Err…. I cannot see anything different, except that the theme seems pretty messed up… 😦

    I don’t have any adblockers installed either 🙂

  2. Yeah, it’s a bit of Flash and for some reason it throws the theme out wildly.

  3. What’s really weird is that when I open it in Konqueror (KDE 3.5.7) there’s no problem at all – the sidebar is still below the “Submit Comment” button, but everything else is fine. Looks as though Firefox is the culprit.

    If anyone has a different browser to test it in, I’d be grateful to hear the results.

  4. random. I don’t do adblockers, and rearranging script permissions doesn’t change anything.

  5. not broken on safari- comments are in the right place. (PS- I love the mute button- what an annoying song! 🙂 )

  6. camino is broken- then again that’s based on firefox.

  7. So, the very standards compliant browsers work, the pretty standards compliant browsers don’t. Wonder what it looks like on Internet Explorer? Probably all over the place.

  8. It works today. It didn’t work yesterday. t_g is right. What an annoying song :p

  9. It is annoying, hmm, wonder if i should link to the Pirate song…? 😆

  10. have you heard the “pirates that don’t do anything” song? It’s great. (veggie tales)

  11. No, haven’t heard that one. Do you have a link?

  12. Nice post! Informative.. not really, reminds me of a report i did on nothingness in a philosophy class.. 😉

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