If you are a WordPress user, but are unhappy with WordPress, there are a few options you can choose for software to migrate to. Until recently, b2evolution had no WordPress import option – or, conversely, WordPress had no b2evolution export option. And then, me old mate Hari went code mad and wrote one!

You can read all about it here – I won’t rehash his post, otherwise you won’t read it, but suffice to say that with help from our host, Drew, and from Francois Planque the maintainer of b2evolution he put together a tool to seamlessly move your WordPress blog to b2evolution.

I’m relatively happy with WordPress (but then, I’m no coder) but having seen b2evolution in action, should I ever want to move I’ll probably choose that and it’s good to know that I will have a trouble free migration. (Did I mention b2evolution enough yet?)


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  1. Ray, thanks a lot for the plug 🙂 I hope to spread the b2evolution love as the project really deserves more publicity than it has got so far.

  2. I have a feeling one day the blog software of choice will turn into flame wars, ex. vi vs emacs and the like. I on the other hand have been happy with textpattern. I’ve installed and tried wordpress, b2evolution, nucleus, serendipity and probably just about every other one that’s mentioned on opensourcecms.com

    But it’s cool to know there are converters to switch amongst the most popular ones. I’ll be sticking with textpattern for the most part most likely. I’ve used it longer than any other backend. I never really liked WP, I installed for my wife just cause it’s easy to use and straight forward.

  3. WordPress is pretty simple to use and administer. Not being such a power user (I know how to break my install!), I’m happy to stay with it. The converters out there are great and the fact that you can migrate painlessly and seamlessly just makes using different software easier.

  4. I am just not in the mood to make the switch as I can only see it being a long drawn out process that I really dont want to endure. WP will have to do. I am tired of relearning software sometimes.

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  5. b2evolution is awesome.. Thanks..

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  6. I’d just like to say that WordPress is a great blogging platform with a lot of features, but I’ve really had enough of the developers’ personalities and attitudes, so I’m switching over. Well at least I’ve learned to not to annoy or disagree with Matt on his blog unless you want to be added to Akismet for a while.

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    • Yes, Matt is very involved in WP and it’s following and I have seen comments about blogs and bloggers suddenly being treated as spam… No problems here though, I use Spam Karma 2!!

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  7. Thanks for update useful information. B2Evolution is a commanding blog tool that will allow you to install and maintain a blog or web periodical on your own website.

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