Bit of a Rant to Start Us Off With

Here’s one to kick off proceedings. And has me jumping on a bandwagon.

When I get to the station of a morning, I pick up a Metro – a free paper from the Daily Mail stable. I get a cartoon, some news and Sudoku. And that does me. I then, in the spirit of community, dump it on the luggage rack so that someone else can read it. This is both acceptable and normal.

When I get off the train it’s a new story. Firstly, the City A.M. newspaper people are everywhere. Often you have 2 off them on either side of a pavement. You end up running the gauntlet every morning.

And it doesn’t end there. In the evening I get to avoid London Lite and The London Paper and they love to double team us. So basically my daily commute is wrecked by a big ol’ bunch of free paper vendors. And magazine givers away.

So I say know to the Mail, Evening Standard and Murdoch (I think) – bloody well pack it in. Your papers are crap and empty and have no real news in them. They are strewn across the pavements and roads and make the city look like a real dump.


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  1. Well, in most of the world, even paid newspapers are crap.

  2. true – but the mess left behnd by a paid newspaper is less than that of a freebie.

  3. I have a strange obsession with collecting the free papers. You can read some real strange stuff in those!

  4. I agree with picking up something, anything. A paper will keep you from having to making eye contact with any strange people who frequent the train!
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