And A New Rant

Madeline McCann. I have to say that I never thought I would be ranting over coverage of a girl of 3. In truth, I’m not really, i’m having a pop at her parents and the sheer level of bandwagonnery from the media and even the fucking Pope. That’s right, the fucking Papal Father.

Story is that the McCanns went on holiday to Portugal, left their 3 children in the holiday apartment and went out for dinner. Despite returning regularly (how regularly? once an hour, every ten minutes??), their edlest child went missing. Ever since then Europe has picked her as the only important child – all other missing children get no coverage or help. What’s worse is that the parents are still dumping their kids – it wouldn’t surprise me if the two youngest don’t end up resenting Madeline and their parents because of this. They get dumped at Kids Club while their parents go swanning around meeting the media and the Pope. They even have a Press Officer.

Why are they not being castigated by the media? The British press are not known for holding back when parents are stupid and yet the McCanns seem to have been elevated to sainthood. Let’s remember how they got this status – they dumped their kids in a hotel room while they went out to dinner. And all in a foreign land.

Why do they get this free pass? Why? Nobody else would have this treatment. It really makes me sick. There are posters we can download in multiple languages to try to help identify her. I am a father and I couldn’t pick a strange 3 year old in a line up. Small blonde children look alike. The fact is that these parents were careless one too many times and their daughter is reaping the reward of this carelessness.

I’m not callous and I would love it if she were to be found. What I hate is how these people have taken over the media and Europe with their self-centredness.

And i still can’t work out what the Pope was thinking when he joined in.


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  1. Maybe the kid is better off being brought up by her captors.

  2. Dom – excellent link. Me and Mr Angry definitely agree on this matter!

    Hari – it would be nice if the abductor is merely someone who wishes to be a parent. As I said, I hope things go well for the girl and for the family.

    I wonder what the parents will do when the resolution happens?

  3. Yes, I was just joking. While I wish the best for this girl and her family, what about the thousands of missing children in all parts of the world every day who go unreported?

    As you said, media is crap.

  4. Yep – small blonde girl goes missing, parents are articulate and intelligent and the perception of the Portugese police is one of incompetence. It’s perfect for the British tabloids.

    Shame that the parents are at fault and the police aren’t incompetent.

  5. I have to agree with Ray and Mr. Angry. I just don’t understand the media some days. There are kids missing every day all over the world, it’s just strange how they pick the one’s for their evening news highlights. Personally I think they should have a 24/7 banner or scroller that displays all reported and missing children, with a pic, stats and last time they were seen, they all deserve to be found, not just the ones that were left all alone in a hotel room so their parents could enjoy a dinner without them, shame on them.

    Until my kid(s) is old enough to drive, most likely there will always be some type of adult supervision if we(wife and I) need a little escape.

  6. Ray, what’s up? I’m getting worried. I sent you an e-mail recently and I haven’t had any reply.

  7. I bet he’s off smoking again.. πŸ˜‰

  8. Nah – just been knackered and not on much. A cigarette would be nice though…. πŸ˜†

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