Hey, Guess What….?

This thing was last posted to on the 30th April. I’m not dead, btw.

That said, in other news, in 1 hour and 45 minutes I will be another year older. This is because I rock and is not a sheer coincidence based on the amount of spare time my parents had some years ago. And, as of today, I have been with my partner for some 11 years. All times are in GMT and your mileage may vary.

Watch this. That is all.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Mine was a week or so ago, I managed to slip past without anyone telling me Happy Birthday on my Birthday, well, except my wife.. wheee!

  2. And my last post took like 4 minutes to post, seems like librarything.com is on the slow side ofthings currently.

  3. Happy birthday, Ray.

  4. Thanks guys. Yeah, Librarything has it’s moments, I may replace it sometime…..

  5. haaappy birthday happy happy birthday
    haaappy birthday happy happy day hey!
    Do we have a birthday here?
    yes we have a birthday here!
    Do we have a birthday here?
    Yes we have a birthday here!
    haaappy birthday happy happy birthday…

  6. LOL Thanks Alison 🙂

  7. So, do you consider this a milestone or a point release of Ray? 😀

  8. A midpoint milestone – I am now officially middle-aged.

  9. Middle-aged? Pfft.. you’re now officially old.. I turn officially old next year.. 😉

  10. Nope – proper middle aged. The years of man being three score and ten means that I am at the tipping point. It’s all downhill from here!!

  11. Yeah. I’m still waiting down here!

  12. Ray, we want more updates… Your fan club is demanding more updates! 😛

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