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Anyone who looks at my Links page (which is, admittedly, tricky since the link to the Links page disappeared) will have seen a … link … to Hero By Night comic. UPDATE….. TheLinks link is back now…..

A little backstory: aside from occasionally checking out graphic novels from the library (Neil Gaiman, DC, Marvel and, of course, Judge Dredd) and that mostly to relive my childhood, I haven’t really read a comic book for around 20 years. I watch justice league on the box, if it’s on, I’ll watch other cartoons – but none seriously. They just don’t …. talk to me in the same way.

I happened across a link to Yirmumah ages ago. If you don’t already read it, go there now and read all the archived issues. Go on, I can wait. Go on. I’m not going to continue until you have read all the archived issues. And I will be testing you on this later.
Right, now you’re back from all that llama-y and Brick of Silence-y goodness, we can continue. D J Coffman entered a competition and won and got himself a contract to publish his hero comic. So huge kudos to Coffman. If you read his blog, like I do, you will know that he has long had the ambition to revitalise the comics industry and create a new hero which will bring people to comics who either would not normally read them or who gave up on them. Has he suceeded? Only time will tell.

He does have an online prequel which leads up to the first published comic, and I would definitely recommend it. I’m not going to discuss the story line because I think it’s better if you read it yourself and make up your own mind. I enjoy it and read it every (week)day.

As I said, only time will tell if this works, but he has managed to do what he wanted to do: publish a comic. Whether he changes the comic book world will remain to be seen, but he’s on the right path.

For U.S. readers, the site has a Comic Book Store Locator for you to find the nearest stockist to you and for the U.K., Forbidden Planet stocks it. And, if you need more, there is even a trailer you can see.

In case, anyone thinks I’m just whoring myself out, I have no link with D J Coffman (although he did once respond to something I posted on his blog), I just enjoy the comic and would love to see where it’s going.


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  1. I guess no one else likes comics… I wish I had more time and money to invest in some graphic novels as I use to be a avid comic book reader but those days are long gone. Perhaps when the kid is older, that time will come around once again.

  2. The online version is a great way to keep up with it – it would be good if that was the way forward. Even if Coffman doesn’t revolutionise the comics industry, he done something any fan and amateur writer wants to do – he got published.

  3. Very true. Even though I don’t get into heavy online reading (books and such that is, documentation and research whole other story), I do like the hands on material when it comes to books and comic books.

  4. There’s nothing like holding a book in your hands. I would love to get into Gutenberg or some of the other online stuff but I just can’t read for a long time if it’s on screen.

  5. May be digital comics & 3D stuff is the new comic today…


  6. Thanks for this post – I've been looking for a comic book locator for quite some time!!

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