My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable

As a long time reader of The TwoPercentCo – a bunch of wacky sceptics – I was naturally drawn to their article entitled Beating a Kiai Master About the Head and Neck With the Foot of Reality. For those of you who are hard of reading, it tells of a martial arts Master who has developed a style in which he can beat an opponentwithout having to physically touch them. Yeah, very cool.

There’s a video where the first part shows the Master throwing his students around and beating them up without touching them and the second part shows the fight between him and a challenger. Now, we have all met at least one self-deluded imbecile – the one who believes that s/he is the best looking one/most intelligent/most successful etc etc. Often they will convince themselves that they are in some way hard and will try to pick fights. Guess which category this guy falls under?

Good for him that he went through with it. I feel quite sorry for his opponent who realises that after all that training he is just beating up a sad old man.

Anyway, enjoy and let that be a warning to you all!

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  1. I’d let someone pay me $5000.00 to kick their ass and not feel bad about it at all.. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hahaha! Neither would I πŸ˜‰ Especially when up against a man as arrogant as that (although he is fairly old and I do, in a way, pity him).

    He definitely got what he deserved πŸ˜›

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