Oh God…..Still

Just a heads up on just what it is I think I’m doing.

I like the current theme based on Phenomv2. But there are a few things I’d like it to do differently. I also like a few things in the K2 theme and I like a few other things. I am discovering that it’s harder to make major changes to an existing theme than it is to start from scratch. Which is what I am likely to do.

So, the new theme what I am writing will look very much like the current theme, but will have tweaks to add in the other things I like and to just tidy it up. I am likely to redesign the header too – the jpeg has too many artifacts in it and just needs to change a bit.

Should be an interesting ride!


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  1. And yes, I am well aware that there’s a lot of pink here – I will be changing this. 🙂

  2. And yes, I shall be tweaking the colour scheme somewhat.

  3. One day I shall know to leave things alone

  4. Wow… lot of turmoil going on around here just now 😛

  5. You’re not wrong there. When the dust has settled I’m going to write this all up!

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